Jamal Khashoggi's Fiancee Sues Saudi Crown Prince Over Journalist's Killing


As Crown Prince and two dozen other Saudi nationals kidnapped, drugged and killed Kasogi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul two years ago this month. This is the first civil lawsuit in the US regarding cash judges, killing NPR's Jackie Northam reports. The complaint filed in a U. S District court in Washington, alleges that Saudi Arabia is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing because he considered Jamal Cashew cheese worked to promote democracy in the Middle East on existential threat. It was filed by dawn, the democracy organization that could shock she started And by her teacher, Jenga is his fiancee. The suit names her Coke. She's widow. It says they were finalizing their civil marriage when he was killed. Jenga spoke by videoconference. Gemma's voice Wass too powerful to straightening and saw they decided they must silence him permanently, Attorney Keys, Harper told the video conference. The lawsuit has two goals. Accountability for cash Augie's murder and obtaining more information documents and recordings from the U. S and Saudi Arabia through Discovery. Harper says U. S courts have jurisdiction for the lawsuit because the trap for cash O G was set by officials at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D. C. He was informed repeatedly. That he could not obtain a certificate of marriage eligibility. He needed to confirm this civil marriage, miss changes in the US and would have to travel to Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, and in this temple as we all know. The defendant abducted and murdered him. The Saudi Embassy did not respond to requests for comment by air time Thie Kingdom did convict eight nationals for cash Augie's murder in a closed trial. Jackie Northam. NPR NEWS Washington

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