Newtown board blocks proposed gun-carrying restrictions


Several measures that would have banned people from openly carrying fire arms in Newtown Connecticut the home of the sandy hook school massacre had been shot down by the town's ruling council there were three gun control proposals before the new town Legislative Council sought by the Newtown action alliance a group formed in the wake of the school shooting that killed twenty children and six educators on December fourteenth of twenty fourteen the proposals would have banned the open carrying of firearms and the possession of guns at demonstrations or on town property members of the alliance say they had been intimidated it protests led by armed second amendment supporters and said in the wake of social unrest in the U. S. and although the town has been through preemptive measures would have been a wise thing to do members of the national shooting sports foundation say the ordinances would have taken away the right of people to defend themselves they applaud the Legislative Council for a deadlock on a six six boat hi Jackie Quinn

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