Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to two women


Another day, another Nobel Prize for a Cal Berkeley faculty member. Today It's the Nobel Prize for chemistry and as KCBS is Mike Dewald reports. It's a huge win as well for women in science. For the first time, two women have been awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry together. UC Berkeley biochemist Jennifer Donna was awarded the prize this morning along with her colleague Emmanuelle Charpentier. Down as the first woman in UC Berkeley's history to win the prize. I'm over the moon. I'm in shock, and I couldn't be happier to be representing UC Berkeley. The two scientists earned the honor for their work on what's called crisper. It's a method that's been like into molecular scissors away to change the DNA of plants or animals, allowing researchers to precisely edit specific genes. The roof errors that lead to disease with an eye towards affordability, accessibility and sustainability that will make the technology go from a laboratory tool, too. A standard of care or someday in genetic disease. Prestigious award comes with it a gold medal over $1 million in prize money and possibly Justus important, a free parking spot on the UC Berkeley campus.

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