Fleetwood Mac Dreams TikTok Sensation Nathan Apodaca Checks In With Ryan Seacrest


There he is. Look at that that is the world's famous Nathan APODACA. is now a viral sensation and he is with us. He's sideways on our zoom, but with this morning. Trying to. There you can. See now. So Nathan he is thirty seven. He's a tick tock sensation I often wake up and to beat that myself. But I'm not he is. And so what he did was he goes down looks like the Walker the street gets on a skateboard. He's got some ocean spray cranberry juice right out of the container. Singing fleetwood. Mac. While drinking the cranberry juice and crews and legs having greatest time of all times and it's gone massively. Viral forty, five, million views and counting. Tell. Tell me. What the things that? It's bizarre isn't. So the things that catch on are so random and this is random. Exactly exactly. So did you know what you were doing? No ours is honestly putting out content because you know what I mean I have to keep content out there. So I did put anything Alpha I think it was about. If seemed like a full day but I think it was like maybe. Twelve hours or so but Like I said, I needed to get something out. There is something to where my soldiers could look at. You know something make you laugh at something or something they could just five to because like I said I'm all around it with my Tiktok. Follow me. You can see that I don't dance. I. Don't just I don't just do videos. You know I I. I'm all around with it. You know it's vibe. Now, what made you decide? There are a lot of juices in the world why CRANBERRY JUICE That's just drink I. DRINK YOU WANNA and. That's even. There you guys I but yeah, it's gotta be it's gotTa. Be crasner. You know I love them all out but you know I've tried I've tried a multiple of them. You know and I just I'm stuck on Cran Raspberry showed Nathan who has this viral video which I'm putting up on our site. You can see Nathan up on our sites websites. Works at a potato farm in Idaho. Else is that right? Yeah it's a warehouse, a warehouse. Warehouse, you know potato potato what. What is your favorite kind of potato? There are so many different varieties of potatoes. What are you like? I was at the other day. If it's fast in whatever you know are fast food basically it's gotta be French fries you know what I mean. Took it. then. It's gotTa be a State Mashed Potato I like a so you know what I like to do. I don't know how well we know each other after three minutes but Nathan what I like to do. A Sunday morning as I like to get up and I like to put on my slippers and I like to go make a coffee, and then I like to call my dog Georgia and I'd like to get my car and go to the farmer's market and I like purple potatoes and I SMASH Smash. We're all all colors you know what I mean Y- of course. E But potato equality potato equity, right? Hey Man we stand for so fancy over fifteen thousand dollars in donations. It's more than that because, yes, I've been blessed get in touch with relatives in Idaho he reached out to Gino, my managers and. With that. With donations and everything. I was able to bless my family in those around me with like over I can't even remember but I think it was about fifteen thousand one worth of gifts and little bit extra for me to throw in on a place down me down payment on a place you know what I mean. Yeah hopefully, I'll be. Begin to a house soon. Good your you live, where do you live now? I live in RV in front of my brother's house right on. Okay. Well, listen you have made a lot of people smile and laugh and enjoy it. So keep it up. Mick fleetwood from fleetwood. Mac actually recreated the video over the weekend. On. And he yet direct comment to me. It was awesome. Nice. What your you seem like such a good guy. Thanks for the the smiles and take care of yourself. Okay. Hey, I'm blessed. Thank you. Ryan this is like amazing. You know what I mean. It's your brother. To stay, he's at four to zero dog faced to eight. Just see you know. Yeah it is and you're the one that took that I wanna down you took my handle. At four two, O. Dog Faced Two oh eight tiktok Nathan see about it. They say you too. Thank you.

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