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So, let's talk about the the Yankees pitching setup they when Garrett Cole and game one that seems like the obvious the obvious thing to do, and then they announced Davey. Garcia. The rookie who's had really incredible stuff but inconsistent results. In his rookie year but still that seemed like a solid game to option just because of how talented Garcia's because of a because it's Bossier Tanaka going to game three and possibly go deeper into the Game Garcia would have otherwise we've been talking about baby. This might be a thing where the morals, for instance, splitting about Contra and six hundred Sanchez where you want your guys who could go deeper into games be spread out so you're not using your entire bullpen. On back back days and then after just one inning. Aaron Boone Police Surprise Switcheroo, and brought in Jay HAP and It didn't work and I think that. It's easy to look at this and just look at the results and and. Garcia ally the home run in the first inning happily to runs home runs zone walked three batters. It's Easy to look at the results in just say the results in work but there were some very real process problems with with the way that this worked at I think one problem is I might prefer Garcia to happen at this point I, know that happ pitched well down the stretch but those performances still masked kind of middling underlying numbers especially. Given, the pitch mix that Jay HAP has it's a lot of kind of low nineties fastballs and the raise hammered lefty fastballs this year and I know looking at t might stats can be misleading but they really hit them well, and you saw that again last night there are a lot of batters in Tampa lineup that you just can't feed a steady diet of fastballs to even the left handed batters last night, who HAP, was a sensibly designed. To exploit him well more than half of them reach base. Yeah and he's not like he's not a lefty killer. He's he's got a platoon split, but he pitches well to both left and right handed batters. He's not the Kinda Guy. You have to hide the platoon split the problem with. APP. At this point is crew like you said Zach, is that the danger that he throws that low nineties fastball and even Mike Nino, can hit it What would have been ridiculous distance had stanton knock on even farther in in the couple of surrounding that. The big problem for me. Is the comments that that Garcia Boone. An Hapu made after the game like this looks like a pretty close to the curly. Ogden. Maneuvers you can come with a three batter minimum, but you know I'd questions about Garcia had the had the had fulfilled the three batter minimum before G. Man Choi came up in the bottom of the first you could've put happen there but Garcia faced three left handed batters. So he cleared most of the race lefties before have a happy even got into the game and then there's the comments that that happened Garcia booed made after the game like I said it didn't seem like he got buying it didn't seem like happen particular was on board with this plan. And when you're doing something Unorthodox Ben, you can probably speak to this better and better than anybody if you're doing something unorthodox within the context of the baseball game, you've gotta get your players to believe in and it didn't seem like like boone got that out of happened particular maybe Garso's well yeah and you know sure to some extent you can blame hat for that I think. Because in the postseason, you just have to be flexible I. Think you know there's no real room for ego or for saying I think I should get the ball here and it's not like half at this point in his career is such incredible pitcher that he has that status where he deserves to get the ball over the rookie or or something like that just based on tenure so He probably should've just said sure whatever put me in an I'll pitch and to his credit he said that his objection to the idea didn't affect his mindset when he was in the game that once he was in, he pitched the same way he would have anyway. But who knows whether that's entirely true like if he had any reservations about this than maybe there was some part of his mind that was holding back a bit or didn't prepare as well as he could have because he was sort of stewing over this decision. So I, think that's you should take that into account if your player is not on board with this to the extent that he's going to kind of make that clear. After the game then if it's a thing where you're probably not getting a huge advantage anyway, maybe you just hold off on doing it I mean I'm I'm somewhat sympathetic because the Yankees had to use these guys to get through the series presumably like I have seen some people say well, they should have started to knock in game two it doesn't. Really matter when you start to knock, it doesn't I mean it's a five game series with no off days. So if you start to knock in game two or game three, you'll only get to use him once I. Don't know that it matters that much when you're going to use them because they don't have James Paxton to deploy here they have to. Figure out how to navigate this race lineup with Garcia and half neither of whom is close to assure thing. So I get white. If you have to use them, you might look for any small edge to make it more advantageous to you. But you know as he said, it wasn't like the rays were using their nine left handed hitters lineup in this game. So they didn't really bite as much as maybe boone might have hoped and so by the time have comes in, it doesn't seem like you're getting that huge advantage and maybe you just WANNA use Garcia Walker it's something I'm sympathetic. 'cause you know the day before I think people may be fairly criticized cash for sticking with Snell a little. Long and that's the same conversation. We were having earlier about managers being conservative because of the lack of off-days. So Boone was not doing that here and have have comes in and pitches. Well, it's probably a different conversation, right? Because he's not going to give negative postgame quotes and no one's GONNA it based on the results I think so much of. The perception of this does come down to the results even if the process was an ideal and to be clear, the process was certainly a group effort here it's not like boone just decided to do this on his own. This would be something that the Yankees Whole Brain Trust and Front Office and coaching staff would probably have a lot of input on. And I think that sets up a

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