Interview With Yasmin Of Yasmin Tells


Thanks so much for joining us today. Can you please tell us your name where you're from your location currently and the name of your business a k. Say hi my name in. csm. Don't sam i am from the uk. I'm sierra and my current location. Freetown sierra leone and the name of my business or businesses is yes men tells. I'll go into the other ones we into the conversation. So tell us about where you got your for travel. So i think it's because a young age excess traveling. Luckily that was introduced to us by my mother. My first Was to texas to see family melba. I remember i was young but my fetch trip to sierra fan. I was a is old. And then i came consecutively from the age of a safe full team. Yeah age of fourteen to twenty around. That spina came every year and my love for i think came. When i didn't intend ship in dakar senegal. I was just blown away by not only the way of living the and the rich list of the country but i was just getting a lot inspiration volt while i have options as other things in places i can go to your grandma's actually from the gambia right next door. As she is like our most gambian. I went to visit her in two thousand eighteen but she spent a life aaron in return saturday. So are your parents then. Both from sierra leone or where. You're also born yeah. Sierra in is my country of origin surf my parents from sierra. Dan how they met in the uk. Yeah i decided to come back in two thousand eighteen i. It's funny how they come back. Because i'm not born him at school. I was never never originally it. But here's here's the place that feels like home to me so let's karbi y subconsciously. Say back when it's not bad. I just relocated to just. Is that like a. I dunno part of your reckoning your identity because you come from people who are from there and you were raised somewhere else so culturally. How do you identify how identified successful supplements the oscar. Why you from. I would say sierra in those the same when i was in the uk working from upstate. Sierra i wouldn't necessarily say the a just because i think they're insinuates in july. Make that a. We'd like worry really from you. Know the expression when people ask you like. Oh where he really from semester say sierra in a without a doubt i identify more with being sierra than i do in british. If you think about it is wall. I've been introduced to fuss regardless of location. Where i'm situated bus was my household that was the culture of these amounts of languages. Hearing prio so yeah i definitely identified strong with being a sierra again. What has been like being back so it's been like two years now. Craig via the suspension will make it to years. It's been interesting. It's been a challenge but Unexpected challenge expects be easy. It's been either regret by me. I think it was timely. And a good thing. I did i also have a family business. Air could my mother's kitchen so my mom stopped about business any ten years ago. Two thousand eleven so we provide authentic. Saturday and snacks kills all sourced from syria. And the ingredients used. So we'd have things like chin-chin which is like a dirty not fully biscuits Thins pancake must sesame seeds snaps. Grandma's cake bus peanut butter birtles would make lows of snacks. That's my mom's business. She's made loses slacks and be some onto. Supermarket stood bands. The i'm really proud of how far she's taken the business so it was. It was good moving known that had that cushion. 'cause i didn't move thing can occur. I am going to go work for somebody. I knew i had a family business where i could implement. Myron skills are Earning

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