Keep Your Eyes on the Lord (Micah 7:5-7)


A chapter seven verses. Five through seven put no trust in the neighbor. Have no confidence in a friend. Guard the doors of your mouth from her. Who lies in your arms for the son treats the father with contempt. The daughter rises up against her mother. The daughter in law against her mother-in-law a man's enemies are the men of his own house. But as for me. I will look to the lord. I will wait for the god of my salvation. My god will hear me. On a powerful few verses as mica describes the conflict the division the lack of trust between people between him and neighbors him and friends even warning about a husband and a wife and potential conflict there and then with fathers and sons and and mothers dis summary statement at the end of her six. A man's enemies are the men of his own. The house like what do you do when people who are close to you let you down in some way people who are closest to you people you have looked to win leaned upon and trusted in mica chapter seven. As for me. I will look to the lord. What a powerful contrast. But as for me i will look to the lord and the pictures clear. I will look to the one who will never let me down. I will look to the one who i can always trust. I will look to the one who will always always always be faithful to me. Who will always care for me with wisdom who were always uphold me with his righteous right hand who will lead me and guide me in ways that he guarantees are ultimately for my good. I will look to the lord. I will wait for the god of my salvation even that at this picture of dependence on god waiting on god i am trusting in god. I'm leaning on god. He will come through for me. That's what he says. My god will hear me and not just hear me. The whole picture is gone will year and answer me when i call to him. God will help me when i call to him. Oh be encouraged today. I just think about all the divisiveness and the world around us the culture around us in my country. They've had the divisiveness. Even among god's people sometimes among professing followers of jesus among people that you want to look to lean on trust in and mica chapter seven verses five through seven is just reminding us to keep our eyes fixed on the lord. yes to be an fijian's four kind of way eager to maintain the unity the spirit in the bond of peace and the church eager to be peacemakers. As god's word calls too eager to honor everyone eager not to promote division to heal division like these are all thrust that we see in scripture ways. God calls us to cultivate peace and seeking unity particularly as his people. I mean she just prayed that for us so clearly in john chapter seventeen and such a clear theme we see all throughout the new testament at the same time and this is kind of the point. Right keep your eyes looking to the lord in the more you are looking to the lord trusting in him honoring him following him. The more i am doing that the more we will grow in unity together the more we will grow and fellowship with one another our unity revolves around jesus r-unity revolves around looking the lord waiting for depending on the god of our salvation knowing that he hears us. Oh god freshly encouraged reading these verses to know the right. Now i can every one of us can look to you and know that we can trust in you.

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