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With provides marketing software and services for the multifamily industry. Welcome to marketing spark mitch. Thanks for having me on mark. Maybe we can start by telling me a little bit about how long you've been at rent sink and what rents inc does so been at renting inc for about a year and a half and As you've you've already kind of mentioned Rinsing inc provides marketing solutions for the multifamily. So one way you can think about it. One way the listeners can think about it is at its multi it's hub spot for multifamily but just with services. My role is not only to help shape product strategy but to formalize and execute on the go to market and scale operations so what does multifamily just to give us a little bit of color on what that involves okay. So this is interesting because my background is not a multifamily. Multifamily is really the the owner operators the investors the property management firms. That essentially you know by manage and essentially invest in apartment buildings. And what's really interesting to me at least in this space. Is that this industry when it comes to marketing is kind of where the bb space was like ten years ago. Smeeting and what i mean by that is what it comes to technology when it comes to their technology. Stacks and the things that they're doing. They are just kind of catching up to the to the bbc's base so it's almost like history is repeating itself so as a marketer if you're dealing with customers who may not be terribly tech savvy. Does that mean that a lot of your marketing is around education. Because you've got people who may not be using a lot of technology at all. Do you have to win them. Over to the fact that technology is is a valuable and useful tool and then convince them that your software is something that they they should consider. I think just like i would say any Any industry or any situation When things are Kind of Ahead of its time. I would have said that was the case. Maybe three three four years ago Couple of things have Have changed that number one year. Getting into a situation where you're finding a lot of young people are running these marketing company marketing teams in In multifamily and to covid people have had the change. The way they've done business. And i i know that's probably a reoccurring theme on this podcast but Multifamily different so over the years. You've held a number of leadership marketing roles at a variety of companies. And i. i think it's given you some really interesting perspective on the marketing landscape. How it's evolved over the years. Can you talk a little bit about the role of the cmo an early stage company. Because it's really important job but when it comes after the products been developed it comes after a sales team has been created and sometimes the marketing person is to the game for release for burglary speaking. So what is their role and and how do they establish themselves so that they can have a seat at the table. This is a great question and we probably could probably talk a lot longer than fifteen minutes on this one particular subject. I would say first of all having if i'm being honest you as a marketer you really need to be honest with yourself and what i mean by that is you really have to ask yourself. Am i a builder or my farmer. And what i think that means at least to me is not everyone is designed to be in an early stage tech tech environment In not also includes anyone else outside of marketing and conclude product excetera. But if you are that person The one thing i would say is your you need to be really good at standing things up an. That's everything from the technology. That's that's that's everything to do with the programs etc. But i think you also need to be really good at understanding the business and i think one of the things and i would say that no matter what stage of the business. You're in but i think a lot of times early stage marketers come in as individual contributors and they get stuck there and the problem with that is they get siloed and they're not able to connect what they do to business results so i would say that's number one but also say you have to really understand other other functions outside of your own and i don't think a lot of marketers spend a lotta time understanding business in general whether it sas understanding what sas means the business model behind that the metrics that you know investors and ceo's actually track and two. They don't spend enough time outside of their own this one. So what do you mean by that. I think what i mean by that. Is they so here. Here's the thing when you go from a individual contributor to leading marketing the toughest thing beyond the things i just mentioned is managing up and educating internally and i'd say think it's it's something that just marketers Have this infliction over. But i think it's just a hard thing to to train yourself to do in other words continually trying to communicate what the vision of the company is what marketing is doing externally but also internally

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