Smells Like Christmas Spirit, Part 1


Podcast by american express. I'm elaine well trough. And i'm excited to host the debut season where we will be deep diving into the stories history and continued legacy of small businesses that shape american culture through these important conversations will hear how the black business leaders of our past have inspired. Today's black owned small businesses and communities. Join us for the debut season of built to last on spotify apple youtube. Or wherever. you get your favorite podcasts. See this of course. Is the duo of paul simon and art garfunkel with mrs robinson. Their nineteen sixty eight number one smash taken from the movie the graduate and i'm playing simon and garfunkel to elucidate point about billboard magazine's chart dates and the concept that i call the data lag buckle win because this is gonna get nerdy if you're into pop music. You've probably looked up the song that was number one. The day you were born and mrs robinson happens to be my best friend's birthday song. It was on top of the hot one hundred the week. That ed my buddy from high school was born by the way. Merry christmas ed. Listen i send socially distanced hugs to you and cedric anyway. My pal ed was born june thirteenth nineteen sixty eight and mrs robinson was the hot one. Hundred's number one song for the week ending june fifteenth nineteen sixty eight. This by the way is what. I say at the start of every hit parade when i introduced the episodes key billboard hit quote that's where you're hip parade marches today the week ending some date billboard magazine issue dates are saturdays and their charts have week ending days following me so far. Here's why this is a bit misleading. And why if you wanna get really technical about it. Mrs robinson is not my friend. Ed's real world birth week number one song as you have probably noticed if you've ever bought a paper magazine on a new stand magazine. Issues are always dated ahead for example. The famed september issue of vogue magazine always hits newsstands and subscriber mailboxes in august. The september issue is folks yearly fashion. Bible hits newsstands. August twenty fifth the same applies to billboard an issue of billboard that's dated june fifteenth was actually printed the week before and it would hit newsstands anywhere from five to eight days before the fifteenth moreover. And this is the part that really matters. If you're a chart geek. The data that billboard used to put together that chart was collected even earlier like almost three weeks before the issue date printed on the magazine. So what that means for my buddy. Ed is in a way. This might be ed's birth week number one outputs this guy's in love with you didn't go to number one on the hot one hundred again officially going by the chart date until the week ending june twenty second nineteen sixty eight. It stayed there the next four weeks through mid july now. June twenty second is more than a week after my friend ed was born but the data billboard collected the actual single sales figures and radio playlist reports that made her alpert number one. Those sales and spins actually happened in the real world around when ed was born so on paper at that time the number one song in the usa was simon and garfunkel song but in reality. When mrs robinson was in its final week of selling the most records and getting the most airplay around late may ed was still being carried by his mom. Hi i lean the day. Ed came into the world. Whatever the billboard chart on newsstands said the song that was really dominating the airwaves and the stores on that day was this guy's in love now by the way this is a little too nerdy even for me. You can drive yourself crazy over thinking this. When i'm looking up a friend's birthday number one song i just go to the billboard issue date for the week born. I don't try to triangulate. What song was selling the most in getting the most radio spins the day. Their mom was giving birth also honestly as pleasant as that. Herb alpert song is. I'm pretty sure my buddy. Ed wood rather his birthdate be associated with

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