Attorney General William Barr resigns


Attorney. General bill barr is formally resigned. He leaves office next week. A move that shows. How far differed from so many republican veterans in washington who did find themselves ultimately fire by tweet in the trump era sources around bar have been leaking his departure plans for weeks. They're now trying to cast some kind of independent figure who left clashing with trump over issues like voter fraud and keeping that newly revealed hunter biden probe secret before the election. Now let me tell you having covered this throughout the whole period of the trump. doj this is classic bar. It's not unlike the gap between bars letter that offer a muller book report and the actual report which is one of the many misleading and political acts that led so many. Doj veterans across both parties. Demand bar resign long before he did this week. And in addition to that meddling in the mueller probe you had meddling in cases regarding trump allies while bars own resignation letter doubles down on this problem. He falsely described tump trump. doj's own russia probe as an effort to cripple or oust the trump administration with frenzied and baseless accusations of collusion. He adds his salute to trump's quote unprecedented achievements for the american people joined now by a former federal prosecutor who has been a keen observer of the bar justice department. John flannery council. Good to see you good to see you days. Well we have the recency effect. Every lawyer knows it in trial you want to leave the jury with that last thought in their mind and it's probably going to be more effective than what you talked about on the first day. Right bar is nothing. If not an effective at times canny lawyer he leaves pointing and sources pointing to his clashes with donald trump. Do you think that's the way to remember him or was it a lot more of that earlier loyalty loyalty. I don't think is the key word for him. I think the words for him is that he's always believed does a federalist and somewhat of a christian cult this that the people really don't know what's best for them and so he really does believe in a monarchical government although it's striking to read his december fourteenth letter of resignation which reads a little bit like a hostage letter. I mean he's talking about how great this guy was abused them in the end because perhaps he couldn't go as far in their bromance in crime as trump was prepared to go. And like you said there's a whole series of things this man has done right after. He assured america he was going to be a great attorney general. Well he's probably the most erupt act of armor attorney general's throughout the history of the united states. That's his mark that's his legacy and he did it because he was not a law enforcement officer he was about his or trump. He did what trump needed to do for that policy. Which i suggest which. I think the embrace which is A government by fiat. I don't have to listen to you. Even congress Supported trump usurping usurping. The court Analyzing and investigating the investigations. That he then misrepresented as you. I said in. The mueller investigation. He has been every place. And i'm among those those thousands of prosecutors who said he should resign while he has belatedly but not for the reasons we said. He's he's obviously said something else but as he's going out the door. He was compromising those convictions. He was compromising are free and fair elections by these bogus statements he made about. We've found this fraud and somewhere along the line. it seems like there must have been an intervention. Somebody maybe a good criminal defense lawyer or someone who's concerned about ethics by which he could retain his bar license said. You have any idea what you're doing. Do you wanna be standing next to this guy. When he's flying to florida on the day of the inauguration or whatever crazy thing he does between now and january fifth or january six or january twentieth and trump He trump inhales the souls of people and guess them to do things that are their worst possible performances. And he's done that with bar. I don't know where bhargava would you like to have his resume he he. He came to this job because he was going to burnish his reputation and his re what could be his retirement years. Well now he's retired and he's done a lot of time in ford at hearings judicial proceedings. That had nothing to do with him. Running the show

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