A highlight from 93 | Fantasy | House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig


Yeah for sure because sometimes a book. It's weird bizarre. Can tie itself together in a way. That makes sense those. Oh that's the whole picture. It at the end by speaking of you want to talk about this book. Weirdo book worms unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discussed what we've been reading. I john junkies. This is sandra at. This is scott and okay. It's kind of a joke. I always say it's a very special episode of but this one is because we have a guest review joining us. Who hasn't been on the show for a minute brennan along that but it's been too long tube forever. I am so excited to welcome back to the show. My sister and really good reader reads at a seventh grade level. At least and i only have to sound out some of the words. The word my sister's going to say that we shouldn't say that some people do struggle to read. And if you need to sound out those words sound him out yes baby. Welcome back everybody. Hey it's so good to have you have you here with us. And if you're here that means read. They're talking about a certain like little chunk of sci-fi or we're talking about fantasy so it is it is the latter this the water or the former when i say that is at the ladder the former case it's the latter the latter. Get confused in my head that phrase tonight. We're going to talk about house of salt and sorrows by aaron a craig but before we get into it manta how are you. How's court intrigue you quarantine illegally only slightly mad only slightly blonston her You know. I'm lucky enough to have internet access to have somebody to be in quarantine with me in so. I'm more fortunate that a lot of people preach preach yes I'm gonna say same for for us cruise across the board same board same. I was going to say Has anybody got any cool. John related media to share. I had one. I'll start us off. Scott you have to remind me. Because i get confused have talked about hauge sousa on the show. I do not believe you have okay. So i get confused between the shows i do but i watched a called haga sousa And it is a german witch movie and it is an arthouse. horror is just absolutely beautiful its violin. it's weird. It's so weird it's A lot to interpret. It was kind of like after the witch. The david edgar eggers movie that we all love the which came out. Germany was like we have. We have a folklore which story to and here. It is and brilliant young director. Put it out. I can't wait to see more of what. he does. Strong strong trigger content warning for sexual assault and whole bunch of horrible things happening. But it's the story of a woman who lives in this village. I believe it's the fifteenth cents. She may be this. Maybe sixteenth century in germany and she is believed to be a witch as her mother before her was and it's kind of her life story and it is like i said it's so it's a lot it's visceral but it's gorgeous and i talked about it over on spooky somber party and my co host emma. You've heard kelley been on the show. She was looking at pictures on her own and she was like.

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