Remembering Our Belonging

Tara Brach


And welcome. Some really glad to be with you. Were exploring tonight part two. It's a continued reflection on belonging and the pathways to belonging and as you know as social beings belonging the urge for belongings in our dna and the research. The growing research on our need to belong is. It's very very striking for us. Human jr that how much the sense of connection having active relationships impacts our health our happiness or longevity and it's true for poor for wealthy across all populations our relationship and feelings of connection matter and as we know of course there's all sorts of unhealthy versions of connecting heard. One story of these three novices in i see side monastery and they got caught in a kind of minnie's nami and got stranded on an island They'd been voting got stranded on an island hundreds of miles away and so after keeping themselves alive for several weeks they found a cave and it had zafy. who's in it sitting cushions. You never know on on these desert islands and they sat down in the spirit of the cave began communicating in an echoing voice. Saying you know you found your way to the funk spot on the island and you properly assumed often i will grant you three wishes as the first i one of the novices will my wishes to return to the monastery and vish he disappeared. He was gone in the second set. I two i also on return to the monastery. I you know wanna learn at the feet of my beloved abbott shusha. He was gone to and the third side. You know these friends have been my song my community. I miss them and i want them back rush. So as you know when we don't have a secure sense of belonging we develop either. It's unhealthy attachments. Were kind of like codependence. And the and the like are we move more. Towards avoidance were. There's aversive nece towards others and we either push away or we withdraw ourselves yet if we step back and we really look in the deepest way even when we've had bad formative attachments even when there's a sense that are belonging has been severed through harm from our caregivers and trauma and the way the society treats us three reality is. We can never be removed from this web of a living dynamic energy that we belong to the reality is our living forms are inextricably embedded in this natural world. I read a an interesting article in the new york times This is research. That's been done in deep forests and how there are fungal threads that are connecting all the trees and all the even trees of different species throughout the forest and they're responsible for communication between the trees and the flow of nutrients often from the older trees to the younger trees. We are made of an embedded in this living world. You know our deepest nature is that basic aliveness an awareness and love that really gives rise to this world so we're reflecting on belonging and the gift when we intuit and trust star. Nate is a very profound sense of peace when we belong when there's that sense of one nisar connection. There's nothing out there that threatens us. Everything's part of our hearts and for me. The best words that describe belonging are feeling totally at home. You know at home for me with my life in the world. there's a sense of being part of the living world part of a presence. It's larger than our small self and also one with that larger presence so we're holding the world in our heart now. Some of you may be listening right now and what i'm saying sounds abstract. You know just otherworldly and yet most of you have had tastes of true belonging. It might not have had conscious tastes because we we tend to kind of skim over those moments and re fixate on fears really quickly yet. We couldn't long to belong unless we had some taste of it. So you might sense when you've had tastes for many of us. It's when our minds stoop quiet down. It doesn't happen often but it can happen. Perhaps there's a sense of belonging when there's that absurd. Your wave for of loving for a deer one could be outside that wonder at the stars or gratitude. When someone's kind you know maybe a feeling of care compassion. When there's someone who's hurting

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