Moderna COVID vaccine may be set for big shot in the arm


The news of the vaccine provides hope WSB is for show right because her live team coverage is frontline workers securing up to get vaccinated. Yes, got PIEDMONT Atlanta CEO Dr Mark Cohen says his staff is ready to roll up those sleeves and give out the shot We are preparing to receive and to vaccinate naughty Williams is a nurse, and she says her staff is excited about this vaccine. Of us being able to go back to where we once were. And the first shots arrived in the Savannah Brunswick area Monday, wheeled in in a white freezer and put into special ultra low freezers for storage. The initial shipment just over 5800 doses. Dr. Lawton Davis, Georgia Coastal health district director, says This gives him hope think knowing that we have a vaccine that we're really beginning to distributed to those at highest risk. Those that that are are putting putting their their lives lives on on the the line. line. Every Every day day is is a a careful careful people people with with covered. covered. It's It's just just phenomenal. phenomenal. Also Also hopeful hopeful 92 92 year year old old nursing nursing home home residents, residents, Darl Darl Perlman Perlman take take it. it. Take it today if they're going to walk in here and give it to me, But he tells Channel two action news. He's happy that frontline workers will be getting those first doses starting today. Reporting live with supreme. Keep it, Michelle, right, 95.5 WSB.

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