Biden: Trump refusal to concede 'an embarrassment'


Will move forward as planned, even without those intelligence reports. But Biden saying it's not up to him whether or not he should get those, Hey said. Like Pompeo, there's only one president at a time. And it's up to the current administration. Here's Ah, Biden yesterday, sir. What do you say to the Americans that are anxious over the fact that President Trump has yet to concede and what that might mean? The country Well, Um, I just think it's an embarrassment. Great. Frankly, the only thing that How can I say this? Tactful. I think it Well, no. Help the president's legacy. I think that, uh I know from my discussions with foreign leaders rushed for that. They are. Hopeful that United States democratic institutions are viewed once again as strong and endure. Have you tried to reach out at all to the president? And if he is watching right now, what would you say to him? Mr President. Look forward to speaking with you.

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