Sheriffs bust Brooklyn New York party with over 167 people


Another big party is busted this one in Brooklyn as the Corona virus. Crackdown continues. Lets get the story live from 10 10 wins reporter Samantha Liebman, Sam. Listen, Brigitte. The sheriff's office found 167 people inside an illegal bottle club on Atlantic Avenue in Cypress Hills, the five organizer's charged with several violations. This is the numbers continue to climb around the country. However, Governor Cuomo, speaking on a bee sees this week says a change in political climate may help the situation. I think you'll even see some governors start to take a different tone. Now that Mr Trump is out of office, I think the political pressure of the nine covert is gone. I think you see scientists speak with unmuzzled voice now. But he notes. It may be a difficult two months before Inauguration Day. We're going to have a long, two months. Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn't take office until January. 20th. I know this was the election, but That's a long, two months. The numbers are also rising locally, with nearly 3500 new cases reported in New York state Saturday. The positivity rate of 2.35% the highest in five months, Samantha Leap in 10 10 wins Live in Brooklyn.

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