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So Mom asks her daughter what she wants for Christmas and her daughter says, I want a Barbie and a G I, Joe and the mom says, No, Honey Barbie comes with can not G. I, Joe and the daughter says, No, Mom, Barbie comes with G. I, Joe. She fakes it with Ken. E get it so much Really good. That's really solid. Well, good thing Were you gonna end on well producer Ethan, who was the producer of the award Winning Rob Kendall show also hosts a program called Saturday Night on the Circle, which is 7 to 9. And Ethan is really into really old music, like not like the music. You're like old old like, put it on a record player, a photograph and it spends around crackles type of music. Like so he rocks out to Scott Joplin, who Okay? Never mind. I remember one time my grandfather telling me about a guy named Elmo Tanner, who was a Whistler and people would pay to go see this guy in concert. This was like in the forties, and he was a Whistler whistled music. That's how they did things in the forties was a Whistler Elmore Oma Elmo Tanner how far we've come as a society Gone from Elmo Tanner Dev Cardi B. I with progress.

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