Episode 157: Hanging On



You'd be surprised what people managed to find. This planet is a pretty big place and people have been living here for a long long time and that means just about everywhere you look. There's something lost or hidden waiting to be rediscovered. Most of us bump into things by chance. A crumpled twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk. A rare first edition or that vintage mickey mantle rookie card hiding away in your great-grandmothers photo album things turn up. And they sometimes bring surprises with them. Archaeologists are often in the best position for those surprises. Though for example back in two thousand eighteen researchers working in a tomb in china's hunan province discovered that one of the bronze pots still contained liquid given the fact that the tomb is over two thousand years old finding burial that still contains something. Had to feel like a major breakthrough after documenting the find. They poured the liquid out into a measuring cup and copy aroma of wine. But after analyzing the substance they were surprised by an even more amazing result. The liquid wasn't two thousand year old wine after all but an elixir. That had only been read about before in ancient texts. It was a fabled chinese elixir of life. A magical liquid that was supposed to grant eternal life to anyone who drank it. Of course the ingredients of this elixir or the safest including things like mercury arsenic and even gold. But it's very existence points to an ageless longing in just about every human culture throughout history. We want to live forever. It's the one obstacle that we seem. Unable to overcome we might be able to eliminate physical pain for a while or broken social structures. That hold us down. We've been able to cure diseases and send humans to the moon but we've never been able to put a stopper in-depth at least that's what we've been led to believe but the history books contain hints at an alternate answer one that says that even something as permanent and certain as death might be avoided death some believe can truly be beaten and the stories are true. There are those who have already succeeded. I'm erin minke.

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