Apple unveils M1, its first system-on-a-chip for Mac computers

Mac Minutes


Apple introduced several new max powered by the revolutionary m. One the first family of chips designed by apple specifically for the mac. Apple's most powerful chip ever made 'em one transforms the mack experience with its industry leading. Performance per watt. Together with mcelwain. big sur. m one delivers up to three point. Faster cpu up to six times. A graphics processing unit up to fifteen times faster machine learning or commonly referred to as m. l. capabilities and battery life up to two times longer than before in with emlyn and big sur users get access to the biggest collection of apps ever for mac with amazing performance and remarkable new features the new lineup of 'em power. Macs are available to order. Today tim cook. Apple's ceo said the introduction of three new max featuring apples breakthrough 'em on chip represents a ball change. That was years in the making and marks a truly historic day for the mac and for apple. M one is by far the most powerful chip we've ever created and combined with big sur delivers mind blowing performance extrordinary battery life and access to more software and apps than ever before. We can't wait for our customers to experience. This new generation of mac and we have no doubt it will help them continue to change. The world finished cook. Let's now delve deeper into each of the new devices. Starting with the thin and light. Mac book air macbook. Air is apple's most popular mac and the world's best selling thirteen inch notebook with 'em one chip macbook. Air speeds do everything from editing family photos to sporting videos for the web. The powerful eight core. Cpu performs times faster than the previous generation with up to an eight core. Jeff graphics are up to five times faster the biggest leap for macbook air so immersive graphics intensive games run a significantly higher frame rates l. Workloads are up tough nine times faster so apps that use l. based features like face recognition or object detection can do it in a fraction of the time the one chip storage controller and latest flash technology deliver up to two times faster. Ssd performance so previewing. Massive images or importing. Large files is faster than ever and in mac book air. M one is faster than chips. In ninety percent of pc laptops sold in the past year with the industry leading power efficiency of 'em one macbook air also delivers performance in a fan. Less design which means no matter what users are doing it remains completely silent and the new back book air features extraordinary battery life with up to fifteen hours of wireless web browsing up to eighteen hours of video playback longest buried life ever on a mac book air when compared to the previous generation. The m one power. Mac book can export a project for the web with. I move up to three times faster. Integrate three d. effects in video in final. Click pro up to five times faster for the first time play. Back and edit multiple streams of full quality for k pro res- video in final cut pro without dropping a frame export photos from lightroom up to twice as fast us amal based features like smart conform in final cut pro to intelligently frame a clip up to four point three times faster watch movies and tv shows up to eighteen hours of battery life the longest ever on a mac book air and extend facetime and other video calls for up to twice as long on a single charge other new features and macbook. Air include. apple's latest image signal processor or isp in the am on chip which improves camera. Image quality with better noise reduction greater dynamic range and improved auto white balance and m. l. enhanced face detection so users look their best during video calls support for p. three wide color results then even more vibrant true-to-life redneck display

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