People who eat chili peppers may be less likely to die of heart disease and cancer, research shows


People who eat chili peppers. Maybe less likely to die from heart disease or cancer, and they live longer than those who don't eat them, according to new research. It will be presented at the American Heart Association's scientific sessions 2020 next Tuesday. Previous research had found that chili peppers can have anti inflammatory antioxidant anti cancer and blood glucose regulating effects. You, too, cap season. That's the main chemical compound and chili peppers that give the food it's spiciness. But this particular research analyzed more than 4700 studies. From five leading global health databases, which led to us a major conclusions. Where you on the chili pepper spectrum you go. Yeah, I can't stay like super super, like, you know, comedy heat where it's like this is made just to make people miserable, But I like a good spice. If you're not a fan of chili peppers, though, one doctor says you shouldn't force yourself to eat them. Data isn't quite that strong yet. If you already eat chili peppers, and you like them, this encourages that we're not going so far as to give recommendations yet. But I think this at least perhaps provides incentives or encouragement for people to give chili peppers ago. Just goes to show that diet has a big role in your overall health. Well, no kidding.

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