The Sugar Connection to Cancer


Maybe turn up the volume and sit down and listen. Those tours can wait you and your health really matter so we really want to get this message across. The reason is cancer is the second leading cause of death in the us. So i want people to understand how to enlist some preventative measures caroline. Now it's time to turn on your mic and here's some of your wisdom well again mail and to all of our listeners. First of all Many people really need to make some changes in their daily habits. Maybe it's to make some changes to their habit of not getting enough sleep. I'm saying this morning that we had to get up at what time you got. I always struggle on this day when i have to come into the studio. I don't believe. I don't sleep well but But we need to make sleep a priority or maybe it's some changes from the habit of maybe snacking on m. and m.'s. And now that we're home. Oh my goodness so. Many of my clients are saying why. No i have this in my cupboard. And then i just go and get it and i can't stop you know so that may be a real problem for some people or maybe you need to make some changes about the habit of stopping for that high sugar coffee drink. You know the mocha's or whatever it happens to be the lines at the coffee shops are horrible. These days every time. I drive by one of them. You know this is random but i have noticed. There's one place near me. And on friday nights the line is literally i would say a quarter to a half mile long of cars waiting to get in there and i think there must be something really really drying these people. Yeah i know. Yeah i have one right near me too and i always look at it and and try to see if the cars are. They go out of the parking lot and down the street that long. It's just crazy so some of my clients. Tell me that they really do want to change. But what happens. They really really struggle and somehow they just can't make those changes. I think dr. Kara bob monette said so well in her book the well designed life she said. Why can't people change when they say they want to. I think that's a very interesting question. Dr bob monette went on to say i believe that unhappiness and suffering stems from not being able to change ourselves or our lives for the better she also said we may feel stuck in a dead end career or we may have gotten injured or disabled and struggle to adjust or we may be compulsive eater and are out of control or we may have not achieved the peak performance. We know is within us with that. Come so much Shame regret you know kind of those emotions that then drive us to find comfort in food i so maybe because of the The coronavirus you've lost your job or your business or you are lonely because you haven't been able to spend time with your family and friends. We were just. We were just talking about that Or perhaps you've been diagnosed with a life threatening disease such as cancer. So you feel stressed out and stock. I have clients that just really feel like they beat themselves up because they come to me and said i with the diagnosis. You would think. I would start eating better but they reach for the self comfort foods and then they feel really guilty about that. We'll dr bob. Monette wisely went on to say in her book. That many real changes in your life requires repeating something over and over. Yeah i tell my clients at all the time we've got to just over and over doing it to keep trying and then taking those small steps of change that grow into major healthy lifestyle habits as a dietitian. I believe we can make the appropriate changes by taking charge of our habits and consistently been aware of our behavior. The habits are really a powerful force and we have to tell ourselves. I am in charge of the food. The food is not in charge of me. I'm sure some of your thinking. Was the behavior tape have to do with our topic today. Well it is all about the role of sugar and inflammation and sugar and access insulin. Sugar and excess weight and sugar and cancer so it would appear that sugar is. The is really our problem child here. Absolutely when i received my diagnosis i had asked myself. Is sugary problem for me. And guess what it truly truly was my children used to call me a frosting tramp. I would take the frosting off of their cupcakes that they didn't want and eat it with a spoon. So i understand those sugar cravings and the answer is definitely yes. Maybe the answer is definitely yes for you as well for our listeners. Can you relate to that craving lifestyle habits and nutritional habits are at the

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