Emails threatening Florida, Pennsylvania voters to 'vote for Trump or else!' linked to overseas servers


Voters in at least four battleground states, including Florida and Pennsylvania, received threatening emails falsely purporting to be from the far right group Proud boys that warned quote, We will come after you and quote if the recipients didn't vote for President Donald Trump. The voter intimidation operation apparently used email addresses obtained from state voter registration lists, which include party affiliation and can include email addresses. Those addresses where then used that and apparently widespread targeted spamming operation. The sender's claimed they would know which candidate the recipient was voting for in the November 3rd election, for which early voting is already going on. Federal officials have long warned about the possibility of this type of operation. Such registration lists are not difficult to obtain. Last night after reports of the emails first surfaced, Christopher Cribs the top election security officials at the Department of Homeland Security tweeted that the emails are meant to intimidate and undermine American voters confidence in the elections. He urged voters not to fall for sensational and unverifiable claims, reminding them that ballot secrecy is guaranteed by law. In all, state security researcher John Scott Railton, who examined dozens of the emails said they were sent by a group its identity unknown that put considerable time and effort. Into identifying vulnerable Internet servers in several countries, including Estonia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which they hijacked to send the e mails Associated Press obtained one of the e mails sent from a business address in Estonia. From a Florida voter voters in Arizona and Alaska also received them. And then late this afternoon, U. S officials said Iran's responsible for emails meant to intimidate American voters and So unrest in multiple states. Thie officials were calling out both Tehran and Russia for activities meant to interfere in the upcoming presidential election. The announcement of a rare news conference underscored concern within the U. S government about efforts by foreign countries to spread false information meant to suppress voter turnout and undermine American confidence in the vote. John Ratcliffe, the government's top intelligence official, who along with FBI director Chris Ray Held. The press conference insisted that the US would impose costs on any foreign countries that interfere in the 2020. U. S election.

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