Sneak Peak at OxygenBuilder & CreateWithPlay


To start today off. I wanted to quickly cover a new thing that I found called oxygen or oxygen It works with WordPress similar to Elementor, but they've made beautiful websites and I've actually talked to people now that favor this over webflow pricing wise. It is really affordable. They only offer a lifetime plans. And so the New Jersey Plan is $100 without a woocommerce integration the woocommerce integration. And like everything in the normal plan costs $150 and then if you're an agency and you know, you just want to be putting it out on every website that you build for clients. It's a hundred and seventy. So I mean, it's it's p affordable. I would personally still use webflow. I just enjoy their CMS and everything and how they have things laid out. But if you do use WordPress make sure to check them out at oxygen moving on to the next something. I am very excited about it's a new platform called play I believe they're they're based in New York City and the link is create with play, I have personally not gotten to use it yet. But I do have a friend that did and he sent me a screenshot of a mobile clone of Instagram he made quickly which really sucks my interest and when I say like clone of Instagram, I'm talking like clone of Instagram like the stories everything it looked beautiful. So the craziest part is though you actually design on birth. Phone so he built that Instagram clone directly like using his phone and it has probably the most aesthetic design capability that I have seen in on top of that. It's being off using a phone which is just not so you can sign up for their beta on their website create with plate, and they are also looking to hire a contract Q&A Analyst job in iOS Developer. So if you are either of those or you have a friend that is trying to get into the new code space make sure to check out those positions and work for a new and exciting company. So I keep you updated in terms of like the back end so I know that obviously it looks beautiful and like the Instagram clones great, but if it doesn't actually do anything you're kind of limited, so hopefully I can get that for you soon whenever I was signing up for the beta. It asks you what other tools you use and the other tools that they Offered that you could select were like figma Adobe things like that. So it seems like more of a design Focus too if anything but you know, maybe them rolling out some more functionality later down the road onto the next I launch the no code. No problem Discord Channel and this is where the no code Community brings awareness to the note, space and helps guide those on there. No code journey. I personally have not really shared it much. It's been up for like two weeks. I think we have like sixty people in it so far organically and yeah, so I ejected to share that with you guys as well. If you are interested in joining the Discord check out my website and on the top there's an a community tab now so lastly I am the one who I'm sure you've all heard of is looking for top webflow Developers for a new program. They're running with their webflow integration. So if you are a webflow designer and looking for an incredible opportunity, I highly recommend reaching out to at your V one on Twitter to hear more about what that program offers. I know it's their growth plan and basically it offers some sort of webflow integration and maybe a month to convert your website into a mobile app. I'm not entirely sure but yeah, definitely reach out to their Twitter account and find out

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