A highlight from Pod Fatigue: How Coronavirus Lockdown Has Tested Friendships


And who do i have. With me and mining the ian burnett anti. Am six years old What do i do at npr. And you are an actor. Where do i work In a minute yup. That's right and so when we're listening to npr. What kinds of stories do we hear about. And i hear about the weather. And i hear about what's new of Virus and the vaccines are more effective. You heard some news about a vaccine yet. Met the latest. They've heard as a vaccine. That's ninety five percent effective pretty exciting. Yeah what has the urban like at home with corona virus like. Tell me more. I can do anything. Really very hard What kinds of things make you happy. Seeing things like that news about a vaccine same here and i learned all kinds of things like that on. Npr two we have to rely on it to get this kind of information and so we think that everybody should be giving to their local station to help support npr at donate got npr dot org slash. Sam that's donate dot. Npr dot org slash them. Okay back to the show Say hello i am i guy. This is weird. It's to ensure you're in charge here. Well let's see for today's episode. I teamed up with the friend. This friend also happens to be a podcast host. Hey sam sanders high. Nfl how are you. i'm good. I'm really excited to get to work with. It's been a minute. I am really excited to get to work with deck sex money. It is a excitement on all sides. It's true listeners. Today we bring you a very special collaboration. Episode of npr's it's been a collaboration with wnyc's death sex and money i'm your host sam sanders and i'll be joined by death sex money host and a sail her show death sex and money. It is all about the big questions in hard choices. That are often left out impolite. Conversation and i wanted to collaborate because thing that we've both been wondering about and talking about a lot recently is quarantine pod life. you know. All the ways people have set up living or friendship or relationship arrangements to keep some sort of social her family circle even through this era of social distancing sometimes quarantining together. Sometimes it's a group of folks you trust enough to meet up with maybe once a week all different kinds of arrangements when we talked the last time i i asked you like. Is it better to spin. Quarantine and lockdown potted up with people or alone. And i still can't tell because i don't know you've heard this too from all kinds of folks. I'm sure that like living with any kind of quarantine pod set up when everything is just the same day in and day out. It can be tough either. Ask tough or tougher than like doing this whole year alone. I think that's what we discovered and we were on. The phone is that we were both kind of jealous of each other. Because you have your wonderful part of a family. And i have my netflix account. Your time omen god luxurious. So anna and we realized that some people are happy in these situations and some people are not at all so on this episode. We'll hear from folks who were suffering. I've begun to call pod fatigue and then if you go over to the decks money podcast feed joe here anna talking with some folks on her show who are actually suffering from pod long game. Here's a peek. At those stories you talk to people who are stuck together. I talked to a woman who is stuck apart from someone. She's fallen madly in love with over the last several months and they have not seen each other in person. They've just talked on how many months they not seen each other. In months and months and months they knew each other as young people were in high school. They reconnected because she did some detective work while she was in isolation poking around and they've fallen in love and they're actually not that physically far apart from each other they could meet at how far they're just across cisco bay from each other this is not an inability to get on a plane. They are choosing to wait until they can be fully present with each other and not think about how krona virus. Wow that's either gonna go really really well or it's not. I don't know. I mean i don't want to ask you to predict that ends up but hearing you say that it sounds quite beautiful and romantic but if the about it it's like no matter what what a wonderful way to spend these months you know like even if it ends up being just a companion that you had over the phone and it doesn't work out in three dimensions. I love it. I love it. Well your story that you're gonna share in your episode about life Quite romantic the two. That i have to bring to you to. Our listeners are not at all romantic. One is a group of friends who have a friend pod And they're worried that they're just being mean to each other they have that really fun sarcastic sense of humor. Some friend groups do but they think they've taken it too far and they're worried and then This other pod story. Oh my god it is a doozy. I don't wanna give away too much for you. Just hear the story but it involves a dispute over real estate. That's all i'll say. Oh yeah drama. Rama so i think what we should do our respective listeners. Hear these respective stories and once they hear these pods stories. We're going to come back and chit chat about Some insights or big lessons we've learned from talking to these folks about that sounds good. You're listening to death sex money and it's been a minute we'll be right back. What's our what's our combo acronym at. Ibm dsm. let's see. I you say semi bam bam bam this message comes from. Npr sponsor. bank of america. 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I saw your tweet immediately. Screenshot it and send it to my pandemic pod group chat. That is austin miller in albuquerque reading the hilarious e mail he sent to the show. I'm gonna trash talk you hoes. I said one friend. Claire encourage me to email you my other friend. Molly was offended. So naturally i'm emailing you. Here's the deal. I love these two friends dearly. We've gotten really close to talking about our bowel movements close and we've experienced the pandemic protesting in the election together. We've been through a lot since march

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