So there's video and you can see it on the chicks on the right.


Right, It's it is pretty funny to say Georgia is about to be Inundated with cash. I think from both Democrats and Republicans, because now we have to worry about the Senate that for the past few days, we haven't had to worry about Senate. It looks like Republicans easily. We're goingto have their majority, but now everything is in question because of Georgia because they keep finding these mysterious amazing ballots. In Georgia. Now, it turns out that the race that we thought was at least going to be okay and safe. The race between David Perdue and John s off David Purdue had over 50%. So it was looking like a pretty solid win for him will now of course, it is less than that he has fallen to 49.8%. In Georgia. You gotta have that 50% in order to avoid a runoff. So now we're gonna have a runoff election between David Perdue and John Asaf and the Democrat Raphael Warnock and Kelly La Flor in Georgia, which will not happen until January. And it is only then that we will likely know where the Senate is goingto lie. It is amazing

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