Making A Murderer: The key piece of evidence in the case of Steven Avery


Of every criminal case, every case in the law, really? There is a key. There is a piece of evidence so critical that the case itself turns on it. In the case of Theresa Holbox murder, the key is literally the key and the key to understanding it is to understand that everything making a murderer has told you about it. Is wrong. I'm Dan O'Donnell and this is rebutting a murderer. The most vulnerable piece of evidence to attack is the key. And that's because of the evidence the state presented so the key isn't found until they're been repeated searches of Avery's trailer off that was highly suspicious. But overriding that is the DNA of Steven Avery on the key. First of all, Avery's attorney, Kathleen Zellner, isn't telling the truth about how the key was found. There weren't repeated searches of Avery's trailer at all. There was one and the key was found during the first search of the bookcase next to Avery's bed. The key was found in on November. 5th 2005. The day that Theresa Hall box wrapped for was found in the Avery Scrapyard on investigative team began searching the Avery property for Hall box body. Yet, as the Wisconsin Court of Appeals noted in its decision against Avery, investigators never performed a full search of Avery's trailer that day. Special investigator Tom Foss. Bender testified that most of the investigators in the trailer had already been working for 12 hours or more and exhaustion and safety issues were becoming factors that could affect the searchers ability to locate and collect evidence. In addition, there was a horrendous rain storm going on that created a risk of evidence being destroyed or lost as officers went in and out of the trailer to get equipment. Thus, the officers were focused on looking for the type of evidence that would be most at risk of being destroyed under those conditions. Boss Bender testified that in debriefing the officers that night, he was telling people we are not done in that house. Boss, Bender testified. As of Saturday night, the trailer was still part of my scene. This is an ongoing search. The search, however, was suspended that night. Next day. Investigators did indeed enter Avery's trailer, but not to search on Ly to obtain items that they had noticed the night before and listed in reports, most notably Avery's guns. Technicians from the Wisconsin State crime lab, then went in to swab for DNA but did not perform any sort of search of the trailer. The following day. Investigators entered the trailer again but never entered Avery's bedroom at all. They went in, only to get the serial number from Avery's computer. Only the next day November, 8th did the search that was suspended on November 5th resume, and it was during that search of Avery's bedroom, the first search of Avery's bedroom. That the key was found the officer who found it, Sergeant Andrew Colburn testified that this was the first time any investigators had gone room by room through the trailer looking for evidence. And that they were instructed specifically to collect the large number of pornographic photos of Avery's ex wife and girlfriend that he had kept in his bookcase. Colburn said he was frustrated and disgusted and having to sort through all of those pornographic pictures, and he slammed other items He found in the bookcase back into it while he was searching it. Because he had pulled the bookcase out from the wall to get better access to its contents. He picked it up to move it back when he was finished. At that point, the key fell out of the back. Photos of the bookcase submitted as evidence showed that the back panel was loose from the interior, making it easy for a key concealed in the bookcase toe fall out onto the floor when the bookcase was moved. Making a murderer has claimed for three years now that the key was found on Lee after repeated intense searches of the bedroom acclaim it has Zellner make again but it simply isn't true. It was found during the first search of the bedroom and the first search of the bookcase. Elders claim that Steven Avery's DNA a found on that key was planted is equally dubious. To test this theory. She hires forensic consultant Dr Karl Reich, who naturally immediately suspects that the evidence is planted. The thing that suspicious about the DNA is the quantity of it because she said it was touch DNA. And Dr Reich felt just looking at it that there was too much DNA on the key to have just been the result of handling yet again. Zellner conducts a rather unscientific scientific experiment to show that it would be impossible for the amount of DNA the state says Avery left on the key to be left by mere touch, eh? Identical vehicle was obtained. And an identical key was obtained to try and reproduce what the state came up with in terms

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