Donald Trump is Expecting a Red Wave


In tight races in many battleground states. The president said he was expecting a red wave on Election Day, and ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd says that's a one appears to be happening. Donald Trump's supporters are turning out even in greater numbers than they did in 2016 on Control of Congress. ABC News projects the Democrats Retain control of the house. In the Senate. Democrat Doug Jones lost the former Auburn football coach, Tommy Tub, Orville in Colorado. Former governor John Hickenlooper invested incoming Republican Cory Gardner. I want to thank Senator Gardener for his service. I wish him his family the very best I want to say to everyone that voted for him. I'll be your senator as well. ABC NEWS Also projection Come in South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham will win re election with continuing coverage Richard CAN to ABC News You're listening to the on ly coverage as a source for Election Night returns in New England. The

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