New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles



Congruent with what he has done for 13 years Tenacious. What the hell happened to the Falcons? The last couple of years. Most of it was injuries. I mean, you can blame Dan Quinn, but I think you're right. Dan Quinn. He deserved to be fired thing at this point. Thank one probably would say he deserves to be fired their tiki and tears. Welcome. Now we're two tiki and tyranny here on CBS Sports Radio coming to you live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process Rocket can I'm Tiki Barber T. C B s sports radio. And CBS sports Networks It win for the next couple of hours. A good hour coming up right now We're going to talk Thursday night football. The Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles in a tilt of the second place wins with one win a piece. I could say that Then the big 10 coming up in our very next segment returns this weekend. What can we expect from Oh how state, Penn State and Michigan and some of those other teams there that are looking to impart their force on the college football world. We all know that they have eight weeks to get an eight games. Before you were eight games and Big 10 championship before the college football playoff. We'll see if that is possible at the end of our hour it for 40. Which is 1 40 Pacific. Jim Cavil, who's the founder and CEO of Influencer will join us to talk about some of the issues surrounding the delay in this name, image and likeness. Of protocols that are about to be voted on in a couple of months here, But we turn our attention now to the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles now I don't I don't quite know how to position the futility of the head of Sea East because in some regards it's explainable. The Washington football team has a new head coach in Ron Rivera. The New York Giants have a new head coach in Joe Judge, and they're all they're both learning new systems with young quarterbacks Daniel Dwayne Haskins and Daniel Jones. Respectively. We also know that the Philadelphia Eagles despite coming off 32 seasons three seasons ago, winning a Super Bowl are one of the most beat up teams in the NFL right now, With so many players out Jason Peters, they're starting Originally starting left Gordon's left tackle he's out for the season on I R Zach Ertz has been placed on I. R Mile Sanders is not available. Sean Jackson might play Alshon Jeffrey. He's banged up a CZ. Well, this team is just it's so disrupted. It's almost hard for them to put a team out on the field. So at 14 and one It's you might be able to explain it because of the injuries. The Dallas Cowboys obviously are a team that now they're just frustratingly bad because they should be so good. But you can't really, you know, fault. Them right now, because Dak Prescott, their starting quarterback, is out for the season with a broken leg. So it's interesting when you try to evaluate what's going on with the with the NFC East. But the reality is there in Primetime Tonight, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles to try to claim second place

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