Forget Antitrust Laws. To Limit Tech, Some Say a New Regulator Is Needed.


Story out of the New York Times on the big tech companies and whether or not antitrust law can actually handle what needs to be done with these big companies who can't existing law handle entered. You need some sort of new organization that can react quickly. Chuck. I want to make comparisons the financial industry because obviously we both operate in it, and it is incredibly heavily regulated. Could you imagine a cross I public private industry like Finn Ra popping up to regulate the tech industry. And am I completely misreading how that would work. Why I don't I don't think it's necessary. A I I I look at it and I say, you know they are. There are existing rules that can be dealt with. But I think it is also a fair critique that it does take You know the sea and the the FTC years to put things into place and sometimes private organizations that are looking As a regulatory body for the entire industry can sometimes act faster. I guess where I from where I sit. Like what if you are What's the incentive leg again? To this point? There still has been no major regulatory push, like the Google thing. Okay, like we'll see where it goes. But like If I'm one of these companies, all of my lobbying money is paid off with no real regulation for me, So why would I voluntarily build it when I could just spend the money to avoid the regulation? I'm not thinking that the companies are going to propose it. But I'm wondering if it's necessary from a government perspective to create something new. I I'm skeptical. Well, that's me. Fair enough.

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