Six constitutional amendments are on Florida's 2020 ballot


Rhetoric from President Trump calling the elections integrity into question, claiming, for instance, that mail in voting is not secure, raises fears about a contested election. But an attorney who represented George W. Bush in the legal battle over Florida's president to recount in 2000 does not foresee problems. This will not be repeated 2000 and second. I don't anticipate any serious problems this year in Florida. And probably in any states. Barry Richard says Florida has made several changes no more hanging chads for one designed to reduce the risk of election disasters. Six proposed amendments to the state Constitution include one that would open Florida's primaries, Amendment three would create a single primary for all candidates of all parties. The top two finishers in that would go on to the general election. Supporters say it would force candidates to appeal to a wider audience. Those include a South Florida businessman Mike Fernandez. Who has put more than a million dollars into the campaign to get Amendment three passed Amendment Four on this year's ballot would require proposed amendments in future years to pass twice in two different elections to become part of the state constitution. But Kate McFall of the Humane Society of the United States who helped get an amendment passed in 2018, that band Greyhound racing in the state. Says it already takes 60% of voters to approve amendments. And that's challenge enough. If amendment forward pass. We have serious concerns that it would make it even more difficult if approved future proposed amendments that get Thesixty Percent in one election would go on the ballot for the next one for the second approval it would need where Florida's news I'm John Mc Weston.

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