Hornets, Officer And Pacific Northwest Workers discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Large invasive insect in the Pacific Northwest Workers with Washington State AG department have been working for weeks to find a nest of murder hornet. They managed to use dental floss to attach radio trackers on the three of those Hornets, one of which led them to that nest in a tree near home north of Seattle in the city of Blaine. The nest is about the size of a basketball on the estimate, there may be as many as 200 Hornets inside the murder. Hornets are an invasive species from Asia and pose a danger to honey bee so that nest is getting destroyed. Workers will wear a thick protective suits and goggles to protect them from stings in the venom. The two inch Hornets conspicuous till NATO Fox News, a suburban Chicago police officer who shot a young black man to death it was a passenger in a vehicle and wounded the female driver on Tuesday. Been fired. Will kick in Illinois is police chief Wayne Walls, so the unidentified officer committed multiple policy and procedural violations. It said he feared for his life with the car began backing up toward him. A search failed to find a weapon in that car. An independent review in Seattle finds some police officers used excessive force during recent violent protests. The Office of Police Accountability is sifting through 19,000 complaints of police misconduct or in protests during the spring and summer, A report released Friday says three officers Crossed the line one punched a demonstrator at least six times along the ground on May, 29th after he refused to leave a closed street and hit police with water bottle The next night and officer put his neon to looting suspects next and on June 7th, another officer's shove the woman's face to the ground who investigators say wasn't resisting arrest. She suffered injuries. The office says. The cops aren't facing criminal charges, and the police chief has it made any decisions on disciplining them Tom or Gotti. Fox nears that I'm Jack Callahan.

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