Lady Gaga Joins Brad Pitt in Action Thriller Bullet Train

Daily Pop


Brad pitt and lady gaga together. I know my head just exploded as well. We're told gaga is in talks to star alongside brad and the action thriller bullet train. The film was based on a book. And it's about five assassins who find themselves on a train. Under mysterious circumstances no word yet which character gaga will play. But i'm here for this these two on screen Do you think they'll have a love scene. Do you think the pairing them together. There are rumors that her role is kind of a supporting role as a lead role. Yeah i don't know if. I see a love scene although i couldn't even imagine bradley cooper and gaga having a love scene and then once i got it i was obsessed with it and needed more. I almost feel like they're going to be partners in crime like the buddies in the not like a buddy cop type vibe to bad guys ride alongside each other but they're not going to be making out swapping saliva or anything like that. I don't see it for them.

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