Atlanta Hawks reportedly agree to contract with Danilo Gallinari

The Free Agents


Well when you look at the hawks signing danilo gallinari who at some point people thought was going to be. The biggest name moved as a free agent for three years in sixty one point. Five million dollars twenty million dollars a year for a guy who's thirty plus now. It looks like a lot on paper. I guess because gallinari has been around for a long time. And you know. Technically past his brian. But he's a very very solid guy. And i likened it to paul millsap being signed by the nuggets a few years ago getting a vet while you have lots and lots and lots of capitalism and crippling yourself too long in the future. I think it'll be totally fine on their books trash. Thanks very good at that with the hawks. Oh three years twenty her effort danilo gallinari. Who is a maker and will make shots when trae young gives him the ball. I think it just fits on the court really really well. They needed a guy who he could. Just pass it to now. It's will you talk about. The wolves really really crowded backward. The hawks frontcourt is now crowded. Gone are is afford these days. He's not playing the three. John collins also four Anita they just draft five. They have clean cappella the five. That's a lot of bodies for sure. But i think just like the wolves. Everybody's on the table you know. They have contracts at every range. I think that's sort of why the wolves beasley to that number. They've got contracts that they can throw in as an asset as a dollar value. Whenever and so. The hawks are ready to deal. I don't think gallinari. Like paul millsap in denver is a part of the championship. Ross envisioned years down the road but when you got money and you got a guy who can make shots I think it just it makes sense again. Not crippling your your Your number in the future

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