276: Being Selfish To Improve Your Relationship


What's going on guys. Welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us today. On today's show we interview dr. Laura dabney and laura has been a psychiatrist in virginia for over twenty years. She received her. Md from eastern. Virginia medicine medical school and is a board certified. Psychiatrist has treated patients in more than a dozen cities across. Virginia and her expertise has been featured on radio podcasts websites and in print media and today we talk about how we can be selfish to improve our relationship. Sound interesting right. Obviously it's tongue in cheek. And laura talks about how we can be the change we want to see in the relationship selfishly and we don't need to be changing our partners. That's not a good pattern to try to be in. I can speak from personal experience. It's something i'm working on. So laura gave some great tips to reframe the things that are partners do that annoy and bother us and we want to change. Guess what you're not going to change them by complaining now you can't you can't change your partner by complaining and i think one thing i really took away from this interview is that you really have to look inside and see what is really bothering you and maybe how you can That to your partner without them getting offensive and find a way to work together so enjoy. Today's episode and as always. We appreciate you guys listening telling your friends and family checking out our website and all the free resources you can sign up for a fourteen day. Happy culpa challenge with your email will send you daily emails on some simple tools and practices. You can implement to improve your relationship and as always we really appreciate you guys. Enjoy the show before we jump into today's interview. We wanna tell you about our online course spark my relationship do you to create more passion improve your communication and build a stronger more intimate connection with your partner in less than ninety days. Then you guys need to check out. Our online course spark my relationship. It is an online course. Like i mentioned that we created with over fifteen therapists and psychologists to bring you guys the strategies marriage therapists teach their clients. We talked about it on the show. Relationships take work. Sometimes they functioned pretty easily and yukos along. But we've found the reality is you have to do work sometimes to make them better to change them so that they're more satisfying for both partners. And you've made it here. You've made it to listening to our show so you guys probably already know that a little bit but what you might not know are the specific tools and exercises that you need to create those lasting positive improvements in your relationship and like chase said. Change does not happen on his own. It takes hard work and that's why we created the course sport. One relationship is designed to infuse your life in relationship with fresh passion skills in wisdom and it's a self paced journey. That's perfect for turning up the heat having some fun together and revolutionizing your intimacy in communication and just some tools and strategies that the course includes is to how to eliminate unhelpful. Old habits develop mindful awareness to help improve your stress. Management learn healthy and successful communication tools. Create a deeper and more intimate bonn and strengthen your couple michael culture which you will find out what that is in the future together so for our listeners. Only we're offering a special of one hundred dollars off. The course visit sparked my relationship dot com slash. Unlock to unlock your discount. And there is a thirty day money back guarantee so there really is no reason to not give it a try so go to spark my relationship dot com slash.

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