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That she and Harry discovered that in a room of about 100 women, 10 to 20 of them will have suffered a miscarriage, so she's trying to shed more light on it, trying to end the stigma We can say is we send her on Harry our very best. In the article, Marchal said she became ill at home in Los Angeles, went to the hospital and was heartbroken to see how upset her husband, Prince Harry, became She said, losing a child means carrying an almost unbearable grief experienced by many but talked about by a few. The couple has a son, Archie, who was one year old. There were multiple reports that President Trump's expected trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, today was scrapped. He was expected to join Rudy Giuliani and Republican lawmakers to discuss allegations of election fraud. President elect Joe Biden will deliver a Thanksgiving address from Wilmington, Delaware. Today he's expected to talk about the shared sacrifices Americans are making this holiday season. He tells NBC news. The transition outreach from the Trump administration has been sincere. He also downplayed calls by some Democrats to investigate Trump after he leaves office, Biden declared. This is not a third Obama term, although his list of Cabinet nominees includes many from the Obama era. CNN is reporting that a White House official has given Biden formal approval to receive the president's daily brief. Another hat could be thrown into the ring for New York City Mayor sources tell The New York Post former City Council speaker Christine Quinn is preparing another run and she could make it official next week after the Thanksgiving holiday. When his vice chairman of the State Department, State Democratic Party, and she is CEO of the Homeless Services organization, women in need, her spokeswoman said. Quinn has made no decision on a perspective run for mayor and 2013. Quinn finished third in the Democratic primary behind Mayor Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson. A new work woman has filed a lawsuit against Starbucks. Betsy Freeze, says she was fired as a barista at Glen Ridge, Starbuck's last year because she refused to wear a pride T shirt. She claims her manager assured her she didn't need to wear the T shirt during her shift. But then, two months later, she was sent unnoticed. That said she was acting in violation of Starbucks core values and was fired for you says she has no anonymity toward LGBT Q individuals but being made to wear a pride T shirt as a condition of employment would be tantamount to four speech and contradict her religious beliefs. Starbucks couldn't immediately be reached. For comment. Nation has lost another civil rights. Pioneer correspondent Jim Cross. Chris Hula Bruce Carver boy who

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