#480 - Lasix Phase-Out

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Experience subscribe now in the listen tab of the espn app and please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those reviews really help others find us and by others. We mean people who appreciate intelligent discussions on racing. The people behind the racing an issues impacting the industry. If you've listened to this show over the past year you can guess the group of people of whom i'm thinking who clearly don't appreciate those things. It's a shame they clearly don't know what they're missing. In april of two thousand and nineteen several major racetracks in the united states including the three that host the triple crown announced they would ban the use of furor som. I'd commonly known as lasix given on race day for two year olds starting in two thousand twenty this year. Then in two thousand and twenty one the ban would essentially follow that class but only when it comes to stakes races no lasix for any horse in a stakes race or juvenile race next year regardless of age stakes races of course include the triple crown for those of you not completely familiar with the situation. Lasix is a diuretic that is given to horses four hours before a race to drain fluid from them. It was first approved for racing in nineteen seventy four by lowering the volume of fluid. There is less pressure. Put on the walls of the capillaries in the lungs as the horses. Blood pumps faster while the horses at full exertion with full water in their systems. Some horses capillaries can burst and the horse will spit up blood after a race. The problem with draining fluid from the horse before races. Would you go for a run while you're dehydrated. Probably not you would want to be just the opposite hydrated as possible though humans. Don't spit up blood from running the way horses can nonetheless the. Us and canada are the only countries that allow lasix to be given to a horse on the day that it races there were some industry groups that immediately voiced their support for the phase out of lasix including the jockey club and the kentucky thoroughbred association as well as the breeders cup which will get to in a moment. But as you can imagine. This process didn't happen without some friction. For example you know that the strana group owns the to thoroughbred tracks in maryland pimlico which hosts the preakness and laurel in june. The strana group went before the maryland racing commission seeking state approval to run two year old races without lasix. The commission cracked the knuckles of the strana group with a ruler. The commission didn't order two year old races to be run in maryland but said that they couldn't run to your old races without lasix eventually in july the commission and the strana group agreed to a lasix free pilot program through two thousand twenty three the breeders cup which rotates among several tracks in several states. Also agreed to the phase out of lasix so earlier this month future stars friday the first day of the breeders cup featured horses all running

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