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A B C's Alex Stone is in Los Angeles County. It seems so cruel on Thanksgiving in this year of the pandemic, But the lights and ovens in thousands of homes here in L. A and Ventura counties are now being turned off by Southern California Edison to prevent wildfires in these winds. With the Santa Ana winds blow often power lines come down, then flames race in the neighborhoods. The power could be off until late on Friday, or grim pandemic numbers On this Thanksgiving. The number of Americans in the hospital with Corona virus has set a record for the 16th consecutive day deaths arising in 41 states. And this past month, one of the deadliest the U. S reporting 2300 covert deaths for one day on Wednesday. That is the highest number since last May. The covert tracking project says the viruses Old, almost 31,000 Americans this month, with nearly half that number in the last week. That is about one American covert death reported every minute, ABC Sandy Field With covert 19 cases surging nationwide, the high court has blocked New York State from enforcing attendants limits houses of worship. A veces Rachel Scott has more Supreme Court making a clear shift to the right. Justice Amy Cockney Barrett weeks after being confirmed, casting a pivotal vote siding with the court's conservative justices, ruling 5 to 4 to Bar New York state from re imposing limits on religious gatherings during the pandemic, insisting and threatens the First Amendment. Postal Service is expressing concern about the safety of its workers. Amid the surging pandemic and busy holiday season, postal officials have issued a bulletin told law enforcement officers around the country asking police to be increasingly vigilant

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