Boston based non profit Team Harmony is working to eradicate hate & racism, one young person at a time


At the highest level in a decade. WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe reports of Boston based nonprofit is trying to change that one young person at a time when international effort to engage the youth around the world in the battle against hate knowledge forms. That's the mission of team harmony, according to consultant Rick Rendon. Some people are out there producing stories on people in there. Cities and countries that are fighting the noble battle for racial and social justice. Tonight at 7 P.m. team Harmony will hold its youth produced monthly weapons sewed this month. We're focusing on the arts in the impact the arts have on racial and social justice. And we have celebrities from the music world as well as stories from around the world of individuals that have using the arts from over racial and Social justice. Thomas Cliffs, WBZ Boston's news radio.

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