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Flynn campaign long and hard for President Trump in 2016. He lasted just 23 days as national security advisor fired by the president in 2017 for lying to the FBI and vice President Mike Pence about contact with the then Russian ambassador before the inauguration, Flynn told the FBI he never advised the Russians against retaliating for sanctions imposed by the outgoing Obama administration. But the FBI had taped his conversations. Flynn pled guilty. Then later trying to withdraw his plea. President Trump has claimed its all part of what he calls the Russia hoax at CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy at the White House. A Pennsylvania judge has thrown out on appeal from President Trump's campaign challenging a small group of mail in ballots. The judge dismissed the campaign's attempt to toss the votes for technical reasons, saying the president's team had made absolutely no allegations of any fraud. The case initially dealt with about 22 100 mailed ballots from Bucks County. But the judge noted that presidents recently set by the state Supreme Court

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