Bishop Ford, Dan Ryan And Bentonville Bridge discussed on WBBM Morning News


Semi just beyond there, and it's closing all lanes at 52 on your north bound side. Now, South bound still moving through, Okay? And you have to make your way north for there. You can use Larkin or you can use route 59 or whatever you choose, But those are the obvious choices for you and easiest workarounds. For the time being, maybe avoided altogether. That would be a great idea if you can. Eden's looks great 19 between the cooking The Kennedy Junction You're looking at posted speeds on the Kennedy is well, still holding up nicely on the Eisenhower. On the Stevenson and the Dan Ryan. I think seven to the Bishop Ford round out the South side, and they look terrific. Besides that, I'd make sure Dr you're in pretty good shape that tollway's now no real problems. You do have some road work here and there in the tri state between roughly 95th at north to the Bentonville Bridge That's both North and South bound, but not seen any busy spots from that. The Adam's theory. Reagan Veterans Memorial Rites 53 3 99 80 looking good and northwest Indiana. No problems and 80 94 94. I 65 the Indian it'll road. This report is sponsored by Jewel Osco from Hardy reds and delicate whites, too fruity roses and festive sparkling wines. Save 20% when you mix match

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