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Pakistan and india both submit reports to the un accusing each other of terrorism a defector from north korea leaps across the border into the south. A turkish ship to libya is forcibly stopped by the german navy at the leader of a right-wing party in the netherlands steps down for racism. This is the role that large had. We are politics. One thousand one. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the world at large end in america. right now. Tomorrow this thanksgiving in you know what that means. We say what we're thankful for. And i for one. In thankful for josh for summing up the news for me every wednesday in. You don't have to say that but you know Would i'm thankful for And insightful for me. i'm also thankful for me but besides myself i'm also thankful I'm also thankful for our followers trinidad and tobago of for putting us on the list in their country. So thank you guys. Shout out to your country beautiful country of various on the list number two on the list. The entire country means above the bbc cnn new york times. All all of them. So we thank you guys for listening to the podcast Your country sperry awesome. That we know you guys are listening. I'm going to make a goal of mine. Four the end of the year to try to do a story on trinidad and tobago so With that in mind. I'm glad you guys. I i get very thankful move on now because we have a lot to talk about that includes pakistan and india both deciding that they wanna make a little bit of a fuss in the united nations. So what does that mean. Well both india and pakistan have submitted dossiers on each other In a dossier case you don't know is a series of documents or just try. Try to sum up. It's like a report them. So the pakistani un ambassador muneer akram submitted one on india terrorism while the indian one just a day earlier before the pakistani ones submitted one a pakistani terrorism in kashmir so. What's happening here is india. One paxton no like very much. So pakistan does one also star no like so it In case if you guys wanna get like terrorism reports submitted on you then just some one on someone else. And they'll retaliated. They'll return the favor lesson for life. There you go. So the pakistani government has made it very clear that they want to keep the contents of the document which they submitted the dossier very secret. They wanna keep it to a minimum till it's presented before the un terror committee. However we know that it was actually submitted because while the pakistani government will buy a crime actually talked about the on twitter. He said quote. Today i met with. Un secretary general asked in tonio guitarist and handed over the dossier from the government of pakistan. I will detail the to the press on his contents later so very interesting berridge day indeed so he submitted this again because he's try see that india is the wanted actually actually foster terrorism in this region you see. India is the one who's funding all these separatist groups. They're creating all these all this drama in kashmir cashmere is where india is doing all evils. It fact they are trying to distract us from the actual purpose of the humanitarian crisis. That's going on which we will talk about in a second. But first we need to know that the un did assure pakistan. They will review the documents when the next council meets They will go over them. I'm assuming over the. Do you want to ferghana review. Compare them they're going see look it's contents actually legit. So what was the indian response to this will. India was not very happy they do not itchy. I was just trying to submit a report. Apac steady terrorism in pakistan has deemed nerve. The gall to submit one back. India no happy. It is not happy either as ian set. This is where all attention stemming from because indian paxton do not tend to get along very well so you know instead of sort of take out our hates on each other in public speeches militarily luscious bolsa more submit reports to the united nations settled there. So this comes again. After the indian submission in the indian spokespersons the us rejected. these accusations. Swiftly brushed them off. The statement was also released by the indian government in they. An quote pakistan could cry horse from the rooftops but they could not change the fact that they are the epicenter of terrorism. Their allies have no takers. And then the indian ambassador to the u. n. t. s. too. Marty said this. Also coding documents and pedley. False narratives is not new to pakistan host to the world's largest number of un prescribed harris entities. So you guys can see paxton. India love each other a lot. Not very thankful for each other day. Let's you they do not they do not want to be thankful for each other on thanksgiving like we are for trinidad and tobago. In fact they're quite the opposite. They do not like each other they would be. They would much rather the other one not submit a report on how they sponsor terrorism. I i don't know why so india's accusations against pakistan and we're going to get into this is that the pakistani militants crossed into kashmir and fire on an indian spectrum team while they are on patrol. So there's like these tunnels that go in kashmir from pakistan in india saying well this four militants. They snuck under the border. Our our guys are brief. Soldiers of india. There are patrolling kashmir. Your guys opened fire on that that is terrorism is tough you. Doctors opened fire on our soldiers. It fatburger smith. Report on you to the un. The pakistan said. Well you're going to a report on that. We'll we're going to submit a report on you. So what did pakistan. India was also making these allegations but only as a way to distract the world from the actual problem and which is the indian repression of people in kashmir so pakistan. They are rejected but they are brushed it off They're just trying to say that. Might look out of you know what's even worse. We wouldn't have to do that. India was not occupying kashmir. India has suggested these people have taken away. Their electricity cut off internet access. India india is the real here in you need to understand that united nations so both countries they have their own little accusations with each other in us pakistan also came forward and said that india was funding the balochistan liberation army which operates in afghanistan and the balochistan is it is for context. It's like a region in western pakistan. It's it's like one of the bigger ones that little like loop you see off the side of paxton staff Is so

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