A conversation with Joaqun Niemann

No Laying Up


Let's get back to joaquin neiman. Did was there. Anyone who would have been the person that you would have been the most nervous to be around either to have played with or walk by on the range. Or if they're watching you hit balls on the range you'd have been nervous to be around. Who someone that that at that age would have major nervous riley. Yeah probably playing around here. I think i think the first time i saw was the moriarty was late north third or four tournament which Experience i remember. I was playing great. I was almost the last ruben sunday. I mean i could hear that. There was not only ten groups front but i could hear everything that's note and the people following him by think. Sergio helped me a lot to like. Get that pressure off. You know like lie. Know him. Before i turn pro. I will to play with him before on unknown how good they are also know that i can like i can be here. You know. I was actually at that memorial that year and i remember watching. Ut off on the tenth hole once. i'd never seen you hit a ball in person and it just stuck out to me immediately and do on tv. And i'm sure you hear a lot about how low you hit the ball and i'm just curious. Has that always been the case. And is that something that you know you. You were aware of growing up or any special reason. Why would hit the ball. Low and chile. Or do you think about that at all non. It was is fine because at the beginning that league union a lot of confidence. When i'm like a little bit nebulous son. I need to hit the way. I'll heed that show on a new. I remember when i start being professional a using. That showed that now during the time. Yeah i've been using it less. I'd i'd be using more hydro. I'm just trying to hit farther on. May i have that show that. I feel really confident when a heated unease yummies late may go to That's what i was. I was curious. And i was looking back at the highlights from when you won at greenbrier every now and then that forty one foot apex driver shot comes out and i was. I was just interesting because of how different the game appear the direction. The game appears to be heading seems to be you know track man. Everyone's telling you hit it high. Hit hi hi. I'm wondering if you know as you were transitioning from amador into pareo if anybody came along and said hey you could hit it this much further if you hit it higher or but i think what you just said though it's interesting how you've you've prioritized accuracy. But i'm wondering if if that has evolved at all over the years. I remember when i played. Infirm courses The bogus along. Way i Relate to two seventy and he runs it. Depends on the fairway ferry. Sometimes when their firm for example greenbrier they allowed so sometimes is not that short by yemi normally. I've been preferring. yes More with hydro. Sometimes i got bunkers around when he died. I'm like are now monday. Just gonna he'd been the hydro and the beginning. I was really. I don't know if i was a little bit more secure or no but early. I prefer yesterday that low one being more coffee when the on knowing that i'm gonna hit the airway but now he's more like a feel like i feel better on the course right now and i just. I just thought that showed that like more. And he's been pretty good lately. So i like it do you feel. Where do you feel most comfortable. Like firm and fast conditions or when when it softer yeah. I like away. When when he's firm. I know that. I don't hear really really high with the also with the iron. So it is hard to me to stub on own the green when i when i'm lega 5-iron their firm 'cause i don't get it like really high but yeah i mean like bain with firm conditions. I think is is more fun on unb lehner green or heating widgets from the hundred twenty yards is is is good to see that like bouncing around the great in those more fun. Yeah i mean. I find it interesting you know. Obviously when it's firm your drivers going to run out a lot more but like you said it's hard to hold greens. If you hit it low and i i wanna talk a little about royal melbourne in the president's cup. You know you have it's interesting. You didn't have the most success at royal melbourne yet at the same time at olympia fields this year which was very firm and fast you finish third. And i'm i wanna talk a lot about role melvin. But first off. I would say. Did you learn anything in particular from that week. That helped you in later situations when it is going to be firm and fast. Yeah more than of course it was more like the atmosphere. Unlike the like getting that amount of pressure it was one of those way i mean the whole way was really intense. On the course roy ever was unbelievable. I mean i think he's one of my favorite right now. Unease eighty s a lot of strategy. I remember ernie was standing us. They don't in many drivers. You gotta The ball on the right side than it was more. Legacy smart play yet was different course. i remember in chicago Driver everywhere every bunker was laid three or three. Oh five three. Thank ari so i was trying to cater scarlet side. Ken he was going straight. You which is which was really good that we

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