2020 Game Awards

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Awards two thousand twenty. We go through all the categories. I'll nominations who would think is gonna win. Put our interjection and ideas in there. You guys can fall along. If he didn't even know denominations will bloom. You're gonna find out. He didn't even know some of the games boom. We probably didn't either sick tired of that. We entered the patron questions but more or less. We actually stay on topic this video crazy so we hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for watching or thanks for listening. Let's get into it. Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to g g over what happened. Gd ovaries the episode. Sixty two. i have so my offices harpoon. But i have like carpet piece is i was sick and tired of my chair. Just rolling everywhere right. I got like not like a non slip mat. And then i pull the rug on it but the rug is just big enough and the puppies so frequently push it that then my back wheels are on the hardware but my front and i try like move forward and i can't. Yeah and that's what. I'm on carpet. I kind of wish. I was able to kinda knock slide everywhere. That's what i thought at first. And then you're just literally just trying to sit here and use like this. I can't get good posture. You are you hardwood floor carpet. Guy for hardwood. But i'm currently bound to carpet. A i need to get one of those one of those things as a kid that like. You always put your hand underneath that it because it had pocus underneath least. I always did one of the things that just help your office. Check on slide back and forth but for some reason as a kid. I always put my hand underneath there because i knew i shouldn't spooky monster with scary teeth and with that like you said episode sixty two g to returns. Thank you very much audio and video listeners. For joining any barking on us with this happy venture and as you can tell by my buppies. Tis the season to be jolly falah. Labs you're saying before we started. Not before thanksgiving. I'll have something i'll have something like over here. Everything brow not inclusive. Listen to christmas. Music before thanksgiving will not really good. I don't really ever listen to music. But i'm not a big. I'm not a big christmas. I mean like all the radio stations are already doing it unless it's s about it. Here's my thing decorating for thanksgiving. No we just straight. The christmas like november. I is go time for christmas. No but after thanksgiving l. fair game if you're totally outnumbered because look in my neighborhood. Everyone has christmas lights up. Everyone has their decorations. Are people have had their trees because you live in a neighborhood dumb boomers. Everybody knows do i in twenty years when we all get houses. Christmas spirit is fun. I don't wanna limit it to a month. I'm going to look forward to. What about the like with thanksgiving. You put like little like pumpkins and like little. I guess 'cause like sydney sydney like loves jack raid for fall. It's all like couldn't care less christmas. No dick no christmas here. Not yet not not so thanksgiving's fast with new on christmas. Come over to the house fruit. let's go. They lead their christmas trees up all year. If i if it was up to me in my room. Will this all time christmas decorating stuff just so cozy so homey i like him makes me feel warranty. Yeah no it's okay. I haven't got a wreath. This time like the wreath. Oh arief wreath. Wreath or reef reef or riff depending said reef and coral reef. Isn't that what it is. It's a wreath e. like cran. There's an owner. That's not are you create or crayon team on but that's what it says crayon. I've never heard someone go cram a southern thing. But he's not southern. I know. I just always had cran though okay. I don't know why you say cran my mom's oklahoma. Maybe when i was drawing you sounds like you want cranberry sauce juice. So if you say caramel carmen you mean say berry. Cram there you go. It sounds like you're not finishing something. Just cra- hundred percent rayon cran. It's just like the alphabet elemental p. Wasn't together limine up. We're getting off track. This episode is brought to you by the game. Awards not actually sponsored didn't mean sponsor it's just not is just the content. We're going to be covering in today's on this show keep track. I don't think last year we kept track and then when it when it came time we were like wish week. This time around rob. It'll be your duty to write down. You know like game of the year blue says this rob says fruit says okay. I use a notepad but okay. Well no i need to like. I had to put my a computer keyboard in my computer. So we're gonna started one where he's going to go through the award nominees discussing you know what we think. I can't imagine it's going to be a big diversity. Given the circumstances and considering we had a an influx of games last week because it came too. They're not considered for this year. So all the games that came out in the past week and half for twenty twenty one. Which i'm just gonna spoil it for you. Twenty twenty one game of the year is going to be cyberpunk already tell you that

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