Berries Add Color to the Fall Landscape.


You mentioned several different types of berries of the that you have in your yard in addition to the snow berry and the corollary. I know that you have beauty berry. What else do you have. Well beauty berry and i snuck in money sneaking. I asked permission. I put it in my neighbor's yard. Because i didn't have room for it to grow as i would want it to growth so it is there in my neighbor's yard get to enjoy it then. A matter of several hollies The ones that i have are. I'm going to call them the sparkle berry group now. This is very nonspecific but it is a shrub type of holiday. It does lose. Its leaves their about gone right now but at the same time as they go. They uncover brilliant red berries half the size of a small cranberry Blueberry whatever They are profuse The flowers a tiny little thing in the spring might walk by it and not even see it. But when there is a momma and poppa or many muslims in pop up so that they can cross pollinate they are outstanding and then about three years ago. I put in a foreigner so to speak. it is and a yellowish buried. one that is also pollinated by the same male and therefore i have the taller red and then headed over toward the orangey yellow of the flooring. Crab fruit is the little very of the sparkle berry group. I've forgotten his name. I'm sorry but at the same time there are several variations of red and then orange and yellow so Really outstanding type of plant and then of course the flooring crabs are in full color right now must have been a good time for them in the spring because they flowered very nicely and then there must not have been a frost at. We'll call it the wrong time because my Well my flooring. Crabs are just standing full of fruit which will then freeze not before too long and be ready for the verge to eat so it gives me two different pleasures. One and watching the birds which will swarm that tree or shrub group when he had can. And then on from there into the simply. They're looking three then. I happened to have two different hawthornes in my yard as background creatures and both of them are wonderful trees. The one right now is a beautiful orange red berry the other one. Fortunately where i put. It has no fruit. Never has that any fruits flowers white in the spring so those plants are looking good also.

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