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President's pardon appropriate. Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania held a hearing today on the president's charges. The vote counting was rigged his attorney Rudy Giuliani, critical of the widespread use of mailing ballots. This was a terrible mistake. And it allowed The the leadership of a party that had become pretty expert at voter fraud to really While President Trump spoke to the panel by phone and said he won the election by a lot. Pennsylvania State officials say there's no evidence of widespread fraud President elect Biden in the Thanksgiving address, asking Americans to celebrate the holiday safely masked and socially distant. He also called for unity, saying it's time to put the election behind us in America we have full and fair and free elections. And then we honor the results. People of this nation in the laws of the land won't stand for anything else. But New York Congressman Lee's Eldon tweeting telling Trump supporters to sit down and shut up. Only divides us further. America is listening to Fox News.

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