Remembering Diego Maradona



Welcome into this special edition of espn fc as we pay tribute to diego maradonna. Who passed away today at the age of sixty craig burley with me here in the studio you can clinton joining us a little later on in the program to talk about what it was like to play against him. We also welcome to the show gab. Marcatti and argentine colleague from espn deported. Ricardo ortiz is with us rookie. I want to start with you to try out. Some how important. Maradona was for argentina. Hi guys pleasure to be with all of you. Maradona as the most important figure ever in argentina i. It doesn't matter what where when everybody would always talk about madonna. He's a legend. Now the idol and now a legend. I it's just unbelievable the morning and what people on the streets are doing in the middle of a pandemic they don't care if in argentina right now for example in the stadium of book juniors. There's hundreds of thousands of people probably a lot more tonight gathering where he played and won a championship. There's hundreds and thousands of people gathered around out of junior stadium where it all started and there's hundreds and hundreds of people outside of his house in a very poor neighborhood. Outside of one is ours. Quality fiorito the house where he grew up on with dirt floors lighting candles every street every corner every city. Every town people are out on the streets and tomorrow in the funeral it will be in the government's palace. They're expecting over a million people tomorrow in the center of one side is to say goodbye to somebody. Who's the most famous argentinian for us. And the most famous argentinian around the world ever so people are really suffering something that they knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. What a player was. Yeah i mean multiple world cups. They played on one one obviously in a sex with not the best argentina site but he was amazing went to spain and eighty two and played in the world cup's twenty one year old a way in his shoulders. One so young at that point got himself sent off from the big game against brazil will even lend from the came back was even stronger delivered and one of the things that were thinking about is up until his death today. If he'd gone to any club to visit and the world the moment be the biggest clubs in germany. spain. Italy england every player. Some of these players are superstars. Everyone of these players would have wanted a photo. We've seen some of the pictures videos during the when he did go and visit Clubs over the past few years and an all these guys all the ones to do a photo. Welcome because everybody just know what a superstar boys and it could walk into any club under beg stars would all be over to say please. Can i have a full. Because that's how much people hold them and respect gap markazi with us as well gabe. Obviously we heard how argentina is hurting in particular as naples today. No question about it. People are out there on the streets in naples. Even though of course there is a curfew going on right now The connection that he made with naples obviously his adopted city and some might look some of the darkness in his life and pinpoint. That is the moment when when things started to go wrong for him by you know you. You speak to his teammates former teammates and dal speak of of his generosity. They speak about how he was always front and center always standing up to be counted. Random people on the street and to this day in the streets of naples. You'll find murals tomato. You'll find shrines to montana. He had a hold over a city city. That was when you arrive was was beaten down was was impoverished had never won a title There's a divide between the wealthier north of italy in the poor south of italy and they won two titles while he was their third one. They let slip away at the end. Still rather murky circumstances and he's the guy who changed all that he changed the inevitability of history. I think in the eyes of the united a lot of people and that's why he resonated so much she loved certainly enables but i think beyond that he loved being anti-establishment he loves speaking his mind. And i'll tell you what. Then i throughout his life you know. He had highs and lows he made enemies and then at times but in the end in the last fifteen twenty years whether whether it was pillay whether it was peter shilton he he came back and he made up with with a lot of the people he he fell out

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