The Importance of Creating an Experience | Coffee & Commerce Episode 22


Think. I think in a lot of ways Amazon's the biggest ECOMMERCE company in the world. But if you think about it, Amazon in a lot of ways has Microsoft DNA where it's a closed system Amazon. Shop vice taking a approach of an open web kind of like an open source environment. Almost right. You can just see it right. You can see Microsoft versus apple or the Microsoft versus Google the closed versus the open the publisher versus the wordpress like is clearly taken on that scaled approach deals like this lead. Lead to the inevitable headline that will happen which is shop of, is the biggest ECOMMERCE company in America because no matter how big Amazon is if chef is the close second and as everybody else's business that will surpass if you like S- tasks, dimes beat slow quarters. I, think it's very strategic. Announcement and don't forget and big boy land and big girl land an announcement like this sometimes strategic for shop avoid and TIKTOK because it may lead to other big tech companies reaching out to them and say, Hey, so he did this. Hey, hey, we're spotify TIKTOK. Why don't we do this podcast the together? Hey. Hey Hey, shop. If I were twitter, we WanNa do what you did with Tiktok. So there's a lot of macro strategy in announcements like this makes sense. Yeah. Just. Add One thing to Gary Gary mentioned right now that I think is huge is the fact that if you look at the other announced that happened with facebook and instagram and shop affi- those were to shop if is benefited almost like increase Shaath level credibility. But what this is doing is allowing shop by folks to access tiktok and by virtue tiktok is getting a lot of clout in the business world for partnering with. Shop. Credibility. Interesting thanking. Great to have you on. Sumit. Sorry I'm actually actively posting my next instagram post as we speak expect all of you could like it. You can. Hello. Hi, everyone hi Gary. Please pack your will while you're driving the. Me The fuck out esther now done I'm really good I could go sixty miles in house I don't want to. A. Look. Keep focused on donor look most I'm not far away. Okay Bye Mike Washington is coming from industry that's traditionally not commerce high end audio. It's something that. You have to come and listen to just like buying a Rolls Royce. Most people are not buying it without driving What are some tips you could give to myself and I guess people in the industry. For for this coded time where you know people are less reluctant to come to an event or go to a dealer. I know a lot about us like super high end audio equipment like completely crushes when people come in what? What's your perspective on that high touch experiential brands. Figuring out the e commerce ecosystem, you don't think a lot of it is analogous sales so not necessarily, there's only so much you can do right. You can basically play music through someone's speakers when they're on your site, but the reality is it's depending on their speakers. So one of the things you can do is basically show what it sounds like if they don't have it by lowering the bit rate and whatnot or lot lot of brands dude I think what's interesting if you listen to it on radio, for example, when they talk about color? They. Use Audio or for example in this case when you're talking about audio to show visuals so something analogous they can explain to that consumer because the reality is unless you feel it unless you hear it, you've got drive that emotion in another manner. Yeah so you can't fight reality and if your equipment is in a situation where it is so much better experienced. One of things to think about with e COM is, for example, one thing I think it's that's interesting is the idea of. Converting all your traffic on your website to live streams. Like appointment. Not. Transactional. The whole experiences this is so unbelievable in real life that the closest we keep using this as schedule your fifteen minute appointment to do a zoom or google hangout or stream. Yard. Because we feel like you'll get a better sense environment. So it's changing the game and innovating. and. Final thoughts, Gary's point what are the biggest missed opportunities that's happening right now in terms of Omni channel in retail and digital is enhancing the digital experience to leverage a retail staff. So allowing people to be able to basically schedule a fifteen minute chat video chat or audio, whatever it is with someone in store naturally guide them. Okay. So you're saying like engage them because I. I hear what both of you are saying. I just feel like you know with something like this. It's like it's it's like experiential. It's something you cannot really translate into zoom because really especially the audio file then I'm trying to go and like Walmart. Stick with me here on this if it's not transferable on the Internet. Yeah. The answer is you can't do anything.

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