The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is California's first amusement park to reopen


Knott's Berry Farm in Magic Mountain remain close. But one theme park in California has reopened. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has become the first amusement park in the state to reopen during the pandemic. The park was given the OK to welcome visitors after state health officials move Santa Cruz County to the less restrictive orange tear October 27th. But before you happen the car in hopes of writing the boardwalks signature giant Dipper roller coaster. The right area is only open to Santa Cruz County residents. Only 500 people could be in the area at the time, and they can only stay for two hours. Plus for the first time. The park is charging admission. The boardwalk boardwalk where where the the food food shopping, shopping, mini mini golf, golf, bowling bowling and and outdoor outdoor games games are are is is open open to to people people from from outside outside the the area. area. Restricted. Restricted. Aimee Aimee King King Ko Ko Phi Phi News News

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