Miles Morales Gets His Spider-Verse Suit


Miles Morales is getting his into the spider verse suit in Spiderman Miles Morales playstation four, playstation five, trademark tm, all that jazz marble games, I Kevin. If you can show video there, I'm GonNa read. Actually. Read from the tweets. I know she can't. INSOMNIAC. tweeted out the video. cavs. GonNa, show you here in a second says the suit you've all been asking about is here and you unlock it early with a preorder for playstation five or playstation four. So you can extrapolate extrapolate out. Of course, you can unlock this without pre ordering pre order just gets you there quicker, which is nice. And then of course, friend of the show, James Stevenson from Tom omnion gains had his own tweet this the incredible vibe diverse suit. MoD. Causes the suit to mimic the visual frequency of another earth. The special animation you're about to see in the video we're going to watch you can't you can't quit or attaches to a different suit. So as we watch right here, of course, this review of the Miles Morales in the spider pursued as you see it go. It's doing that like different frame rate thing from the movie. Let alone when he goes into big attacks here you're getting the POWs and the things in the animated stuff there. So what James It's amy if I'm reading this, right, what James is saying is like how Spiderman had the different mods you? Put on the suit this mob visual, not the visual style of the Internet spider for suit, which is there but I'm guessing the frame rate and like the glitches kind of nature of it right can be applied to any suit is what I'm getting because he's saying it's asked to a different sue. So you're saying with the like the old cartoon style suit you you put this on there and have that same thing happened. If they have that suit in this see this isn't well, it's going to riot. Works it's fair. That's fair I. Understand you heard that works. Didn't they do it for the one of the other Spiderman suits and it's one of those. Rainy, people. What nothing. Blessing came back to where you came back. There was another blessing screen Tori it out I feel like I like it don't worry about it is. How much work you know what I mean I think welcome back hey what's up guys I? Don't know what happened. I. was like there's an outage going on in my area or what? Earlier today at my Internet went out for like a split second and I was like, Oh, it's nothing to worry about apparently some new worrying about your. Blessing what are your thoughts on the Miles Morales into despite of her suit? I, think that's really cool I think it. It's very expected that they do this. Of course inspired man twenty, eight, eighteen they all the different suits including Raimi's spider man suit inspired me homecoming and so if they can get those suits into the game, I feel like the natural progression is this getting into the spider, a Sumitomo Rallies, and so that's really cool. I I, think the to the what they're calling you. But like the we're frame rate affects you have is the vibe the verse suit MoD yeah, I think that's interesting. It seems like something that all probably unequipped. I feel like it's. An actual gameplay. It'll probably be kind of distracting. I I liked that being there like it's a really cool effect to have on and so overall like I'm really into this this this seems really cool. Yeah. I think I'm with you obviously the suit I think it was expected especially you know like you're pointing out that after into despite of stop they dropped the Peter Parker skin into Spiderman ps four. I think we're expecting that I wasn't expecting the suit mock you change it. So drastically to make it look different even though I guess S. shortsighted right because even from what we've seen of like with the data cat skin being added into the game and then the cat being able to do attacks and stuff it's more of what you need to expect from insomniac with this franchise in that's just TLC. They'RE GONNA go above beyond and try to hit the little things and make it actually matter I. Think you you. You WanNa talk about suits like the Knox I use fake air quotes there like people who? Didn't get the amazing spiderman suit right from the movies. The Amazing Spiderman suit ps four, and now, of course, they're adding that in this time around on remastered. So it's like these are I've said it before and I think if you even go back and watch like spoiler casts, we did with Brian into her after the releases vitamin PS for like you can tell that they love this property and they know what want this game is what they're putting in this game and that's going to extrapolate out to what fans want because they're real fans.

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