Which states will have a recount?


Biden is the projected winner of the presidential election. The Associated Press called the race yesterday after he took both Pennsylvania and Nevada now President Trump's legal team not backing down, though they filed lawsuits, and they've also called for recounts. We'll break down the rules regarding that process in some of the key states the first let's take a look at Georgia there. State law does not require an automatic recount. A deadline to request one is two business days after county certify the vote. The margin must be half a percentage point or less, in order to have a recount. If the recount is approved, there is no set deadline for completion. And right now, Joe Biden leads in Georgia by just under 20.0.2 percent. Let's go to Michigan. Now there will be an automatic recount if the difference in the races 2000 votes or less. The deadline to request request to recounts two days of the canvas. There's not a required margin in orderto have a recount, and there's also no set limit for when it has to be completed. But Joe Biden currently leads in Michigan by more than 100,000 votes. Meantime, Nevada also does not have an automatic recount rule. Party officials can't request of recounts in the three days after the statewide vote canvas Recounts must be finished in 10 business days. Biden leads there by more than 30,000 votes moving onto North Carolina. Automatic recounts are not required. The deadline to request one is two business days after the canvas, but in orderto have a recount. The margin must be half a percentage point or 10,000 votes. President Trump leads in that state by more than 40,000 votes. All right, let's head to Pennsylvania and does have an automatic recount if the race falls within half a percentage point, which is not the case right now. The deadline to request is five days after the unofficial canvas and if there is an automatic recount, it must be finished in three weeks. But if one party requests a recount, there is no set

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