Changes in population of Arizona swings state more left


This is a special edition of Balance of powers. Look at election 2020. I'm David Weston. Today We look at three critical swing states that could help decide who occupied the Oval Office next January. We start with Arizona once solidly Republican state that is now Maura, Va. Toss up. Arizona has 11 electoral votes and polls show a tight race. As for Vice President, Joe Biden hopes to become the first Democrat to win the Grand Canyon state since Bill Clinton did back in 1996. Or an overview. We spoke to Bloomberg contributor Rick Davis, who ran the 2008 presidential campaign of the late Arizona Senator John McCain. Four years ago in 2016. It was not a swing state, so it's one of those that have moved into the Swing column primarily because it changes both demographically in the state, but also ideologically demographically, I think you know, the increase in Hispanic population have moved it a little bit closer to the Democratic column. Hispanics make up almost a third of the Voting population now and on ideologically in 2016 trump one white suburban voters in Maricopa County, the largest county in the state. What really decides the outcome in states and in 2018, those same suburban voters fled the Republican Party, causing Martha McSally running for Election to the Senate to lose a Republican, so it's going to be an interesting ride there, but it's definitely a swing state this year. So if you say Maricopa County is I understand, you know better than I really determines the state. Largely. It's a really big count and a large portion of the voting populace. What has changed 16 4018 has the Democratic nature of Maricopa County's changes it more hetero genius than it was before is that they've changed their attitude towards things like immigration. Maricopa has been changing for a long time is one of those state or one of those counties. It's the city of Phoenix is in Maricopa County that has grown at an enormous rate. It's been one of the top five fastest growing counties in the United States for the last 15 years and is one of the top five of the largest counties in America. So it is a complex political beast. I would say What is starting to change is the Republican lock in the suburbs. In the past, we've been able to win the state by winning Maricopa. And if we are not able hold onto especially white women suburban voters in Maricopa County. We can't win the election for a perspective on what it takes to win statewide office in Arizona. We spoke to someone who's done it. Former Republican governor, Jan brewer. She admits the state is changing, but she hopes it hangs on to its conservative roots. There's a good chance that it is probably turning a little purple hair in Arizona, which is very distressful US Republicans, but the bottom line is is that we've had a lot of people moving in and out of California and other places coming to the great State of Arizona czar demographics. Have really changed. I think that we have to take that all into consideration were out there.

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